Tuesday, June 21, 2011

a birthday, a grad party and father's day, oh my!

My weekend was chock-full of parties. (Three, to be exact.) It was so busy that I actually looked forward to coming back to work, to my quiet desk, on Monday morning. (Not kidding.)


On Friday night, I helped my BFF celebrate her twenty-fifth birthday at Departure, a ritzy bar on top of The Nines hotel in Portland. 


Despite my late night—which included a pit stop at my favorite taco truck for a greasy pork burrito—I woke up early on Saturday morning and trotted my pajama-clad self to the grocery store for ingredients to bake: (a) chocolate chip walnut cookies, (b) cupcakes with sprinkles and (c) a very complicated salted fudge with walnuts and a crunchy-cookie crust, from a recipe in this month’s Martha Stewart Living. (Yes, I subscribe.) With all these parties to attend and not a darn clue what to get anyone, I decided to take the homemade-from-the-heart route. (Big success, btw.)

On Saturday evening, Jeff and I showed up at his brother’s college-graduation party with cupcakes that screamed “WAY TO GO!” in edible letters. Five other girls brought homemade cupcakes too—which I totally didn’t anticipate—but even so, they were a hit (especially with the two-year-olds, what with the rainbow sprinkles and all).


Sunday was Father’s Day. While Jeff made chocolate chip walnut cookies for his dad, I put my salted fudge in a suit-and-tie embellished Tupperware container (also inspired by Martha Stewart Living), complete with a handcrafted note on top. We went to my parents’ house for presents, dinner and Bocee Ball. I love seeing my dad as happy as he was on Sunday. ♥

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  1. Megger, these pictures are amazzzingggg!!!! Nice work!!! Looks like a super fun weekend :)

  2. um, AMAZING photos, Megs!! You are becoming a professional! Gotta go show them to Victor :)

  3. What a busy, busy, FUN weekend! Seriously though, these pictures are GORGEOUS! Such a natural talent :) I can't wait to see the rest of them!

  4. These pictures are so lovely! I suppose it helps that you're photographing one of the prettiest girls on the planet (lookin' at you, Palacios) but seriously, you've got quite the eye :)