Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Breakfast for My Lucky Charms

On the morning of Thursday, March 17, a little green man snuck into our house and turned all our milk green! Evie swore she heard "jingles" while she was supposed to be sleeping—jingles that could have come only from a leprechaun. To make up for messing with our milk, the leprechaun left us some candy, St. Patrick's Day stickers and tattoos, too.

Maddox wasn't thrilled when he saw the color of his milk and learned that a tiny, bearded Irish man had been swimming in it earlier that morning. I don't blame him! 

Monday, February 15, 2016

Valentine's Day Love

it was my favorite tradition as a kid: an over-the-top valentine's day breakfast, complete with strawberries and waffles, hot chocolate, whipped cream, and presents. my mom "surprised" us every year with pink and red cups, plates and streamers, and heart cutouts adorning the kitchen table. one year there was even a trail of paper hearts leading from our bedrooms to the kitchen, inviting us to follow. my mom put on this fun little party for us every february 14, weekend or weekday, rising at the crack of dawn or staying up too late to set it all up. 

i'm so happy i get to carry on the tradition. i tried a version of it for jeff and evie a few years ago, when evie was just a couple months old, but i didn't quite get the reaction from them that i got from four-year-old evie and two-year-old maddox on sunday. 

the kids were thrilled. when i asked evie if she wanted a piece of chocolate at 8am, before we'd even started making breakfast, she looked at me twice, quizzical, before popping it in her mouth. she couldn't believe her ears! even better was the hot chocolate, whipped cream and sprinkles served first thing. maddox was so excited he spilled his cup everywhere and fell off his stool.

here's a video of our morning. hope you all had as sweet a day as we did!

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas to All

love and joy come to you,
and to you glad christmas too;
and god bless you and send you a happy new year,
and god send you a happy new year. 

Monday, April 21, 2014

On Easter

­I had been looking forward to Easter Sunday for weeks. In the days leading up to it, I bought gifts for everyone's Easter baskets, picked out the kids' and my outfits, and dyed eggs with Evie. We had two parties to attend that day—Jeff's family's in the morning and mine in the evening. I looked forward to the mimosa (and adult conversation!) I'd have with brunch, and to watching my little cousins and daughter hunt for Easter eggs.

When Easter Sunday arrived, I was so caught up in our outfits and the Easter bunny and our hectic schedule (did I mention we went to two parties?) that I didn't even stop to acknowledge the true meaning of the day—what Easter is really about.

I grew up going to church every now and then, but by high school, sports and a packed social calendar took priority. I've always believed in a higher power, but I don't know him—or it—at all. I have no relationship with him (it? Her?). Because of that, I don't really know how to introduce my kids to religion. Eventually I'd like them to hear bible stories and attend church, but I want them to make their own decisions about what to believe and how to incorporate their learnings or beliefs into their everyday lives.

On Sunday, after the last eggs had been found, after I realized I hadn't reflected on the true meaning of Easter, I read this. (It's basically the Cliffs Notes version of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.) Maybe next I'll find some kids' books of bible stories for Evie and Maddox. Someday they'll need to know there's more to Easter and Christmas than candy and presents!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Egg Time

as a kid, i loved dying easter eggs with my mom and sisters, and we have plenty of home videos to prove it. my favorite video is of six-year-old me telling my four-year-old sister that her eggs hadn't been in the dye long enough. i told her to make sure her eggs were nice and bright before removing them from the dye and placing them—gently! slowly!—back into the egg carton to dry. when she'd remove her eggs from the cups of brightly colored vinegar (after they'd been soaking long enough, according to me), i'd snatch them from her little hands and put them in the egg carton myself. i was such an annoying (yet very cool) big sister!

this year i was excited to dye eggs with evie, but i promised myself not to boss her around like i did my sister so many years ago. i let evie do her thing while i snapped photos. (a huge thank you to my mother-in-law for all her help! she played with maddox and made sure evie didn't drink the cups of vinegar, among other things. evie thought the vinegar smelled yummy. weird kid.) the little munchkin did great—we ended up with just one cracked egg.

happy easter, friends!

^^maddox doesn't get what all the fuss is about. they're just eggs.^^