these are just some of the posts that have received the most views, reactions and comments. some are a couple years old, written when i lived in san francisco, and others are more recent. enjoy!

dear baby, today is the first day of our last trimester, which kind of scares me because it means you'll be here in just three months. don't get me wrong, i can't wait to meet you, but i still have so much to learn and do before you arrive.

guess what? we’re having a baby! we got the news many weeks ago as a big—no, monstrous—surprise. it was the biggest surprise of my life, actually. jeff and i weren’t ready to be parents. we didn’t know a thing about babies.

will you be my valentine? love, evie.

some days it's hard for jeff and me to resist dressing our two-month-old baby in one of her ruffly outfits and spending the entire morning snapping photos. 

i don’t quite blend in on the 30x, the marina express. after a graceless entrance tripping over my bright red american tourist suitcase and spilling the contents (read: "delicates") of my shiny silver nordy’s bag across the dirty steps leading to the pay-fare station, the bus driver stands up to scold me for bringing too much “crap” with me.

i live on mississippi avenue, the heartbeat of north portland. i fell in love with it last summer. (have i told you this love story? if not, read on.)

jeff and i decided on a song to sing to our baby-to-be a couple times a week. and this is jeff singing it...

the city is densely populated with mel’s diners. we used to live by the one on van ness and geary, where beggars sit cross-legged on the sidewalk and bombard brunch-goers as they exit, scrounging for leftovers.

just when i thought my life couldn’t get any more crazy, exciting or happy, jeff popped the question while we were on our babymoon in newport beach, california. (yay!) the story? goes something like this…

yes, i elfed myself. not in the digital way, where you paste a photo of your face to a dancing elf and then watch yourself do a silly jig across your computer screen. (anyone been living under a rock for two years? click here.) no, i'm talking real-life elf-ing.

i suppose most soon-to-be parents learn of their baby’s gender during an ultrasound, after the doctor asks if they want to know the sex. people like us? we find out with cupcakes. 

until last night, i didn’t realize how much of a geek i really am. i’ve always been a little bit of a nerd, yes, but last night i was almost embarrassed to be seen with myself. i sat in the front row at a tiny bookshop called books inc., one seat to the left of the aisle, so as to be noticed by julie powell.

when your boyfriend’s out of town for the weekend and your cat is being nothing but obnoxious, biting your ankles and whining for food and purring in your ear, shaking you awake before the sun even comes up, you have an excellent excuse to lock yourself in a room with a sewing machine for two days straight. 

some weekends i want to explore, experience new things. (there’s only so much one can do in portland, after all.) my cousin owns a condo in seattle and offered us the building’s guest apartment: a stuffy room on the first floor with one window and a view of the sidewalk. charming in its own way.

i first posted this list a few years ago, when i was living and working in san francisco. back then my favorite sentiments related to my budding career, but today i appreciate the ones about love, relationships and family.