i've always loved to write. it's been my favorite thing to do since before i even learned to spell. but after earning my journalism degree from the university of oregon, the adventurist in me decided I should move to san francisco and take a job that required absolutely no writing. why? because it paid the big bucks i needed to live in the most fabulous city in the world. The work was mindless, and my creativity was kept bottled up until, all at once, it exploded like the last few fireworks on the Fourth of July.

i started writing about places i'd been, people I'd met, and ridiculous things i'd seen in the city (like naked men running down market street in broad daylight). i wrote about silly encounters with the neighborhood bums and coffee-shop workers, and i glamorized my traumatizing experiences at the laundromat. i documented everything.

today i live with my husband, daughter and son in beautiful portland, oregon. i hope you enjoy reading my stories as much as i enjoy scrawling them down, bringing them to life.