Friday, October 21, 2011

my baby shower

last weekend, three of my best girlfriends threw me the best baby shower i’ve ever had. (it’s the only baby shower i’ve ever had, but still. it was the best!) we played games, ate homemade red velvet cake, sipped white wine—well, not all of us sipped white wine—and caught up on each other’s busy lives. one of my friends brought her five-week-old baby girl, so i got some good practice holding and rocking her. (note to self: lift weights and get buff before baby arrives. babies are hea-vy.)

we played the guess-which-type-of-chocolate-is-melted-in-the-diaper game, when everyone takes turns observing, sniffing and even nibbling the poopy-looking chocolate in the diapers to determine what it is. ew! we also played guess-how-big-mama’s-tummy-is. almost everyone guessed too big.

baby-to-be got a hot-pink tutu (so stinkin’ cute!), a winnie the pooh bathrobe and slippers, a ton of onesies, some extra-soft blankets and rattles, ruffly socks, a pink nike hoodie-and-pant set, a plaid christmas dress, a juicy couture suit, a sophie the giraffe teether, and so much more! i can’t wait to see her in all of her new adorable outfits.

thank you monica, emily and alexa for throwing such a wonderful shower. and thank you, liz, for these beautiful photos!

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  1. looks like you got some seriously precious loot there! my husband has forbade me from looking at baby clothes. nothing makes me want a little babe more!

  2. what a great shower! lovely pictures ... as for the melted chocolate in a diaper bag ... i would gag, haha :)

  3. What a lovely baby shower! Looks like she's going to have so many cute outfits as soon as she's born. Love your top too!

  4. cute pictures! and that little baby girl and her little ballet flat tights are adorable!

  5. AW! It looks like you girls had such a fun time!! Beautiful photos BTW

  6. What a touching shower! You look so beautiful!