Monday, June 13, 2016

Remember, People are Good.

i can't stop our country's tragedies or violence, but i can help by teaching my kids to love others. if they were old enough to understand what happened in orlando, i'd tell them about the civilians who helped. i'd talk about the man who assisted a total stranger with his wounds, and the people who donated their own clothes and blood to help keep injured ones alive. i'd mention the brave dj who, when everyone else fled, stayed back to escort a woman to safety. i’d tell them our world has many more good people than bad, and more beautiful things than ugly. that there's love all around us every day.

but they're not old enough to understand just yet. (then again, are any of us?)

instead, i'll simply remind myself and my kids of the good things that happened and the good people i encountered last weekend:

+ my coworker who bought ice cream for everyone, because sometimes you need ice cream on friday afternoon

+ the little girl at the park who called evie her friend immediately, no questions asked, and played with her until lunchtime

+ the woman who stopped me at the grocery store to offer words of encouragement and a friendly smile after sensing my discomfort (it's time to come out now, baby...)

+ everyone who posted about this very thing, sending love and lifting spirits via the internet