Saturday, March 12, 2016

We're Sew Happy

want to know why we're happy? because it's saturday and that means we get to watch mimi sew the flower girl dress she's making for our friend's wedding! i can't wait to see evie walk down the aisle in her one-of-a-kind "princess gown." a couple weekends ago, we all went and picked out the fabric. my mom searched the store while i half-heartedly kept evie and maddox from crashing into other shoppers as they raced through a maze of fabric bolts. luckily, with that bright red hair, it's easy not to lose evie—or my mom!—in a big fabric store. 

as mimi sewed, evie and maddox made jewelry out of colorful beads and stretchy string, and disney music floated in the background. the kids love the special craft room at mimi's house!

the cat and i just watched and listened to it all. :)

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  1. Awww so sweet!Looks like Mimi has quite the craft room, how fun!!

  2. Yes, christyn's old bedroom has been permanently converted into mimi's craft room (much more fun!) I plan to make some serious progress in there on that dress this week!