Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Breakfast for My Lucky Charms

On the morning of Thursday, March 17, a little green man snuck into our house and turned all our milk green! Evie swore she heard "jingles" while she was supposed to be sleeping—jingles that could have come only from a leprechaun. To make up for messing with our milk, the leprechaun left us some candy, St. Patrick's Day stickers and tattoos, too.

Maddox wasn't thrilled when he saw the color of his milk and learned that a tiny, bearded Irish man had been swimming in it earlier that morning. I don't blame him! 

Saturday, March 12, 2016

We're Sew Happy

want to know why we're happy? because it's saturday and that means we get to watch mimi sew the flower girl dress she's making for our friend's wedding! i can't wait to see evie walk down the aisle in her one-of-a-kind "princess gown." a couple weekends ago, we all went and picked out the fabric. my mom searched the store while i half-heartedly kept evie and maddox from crashing into other shoppers as they raced through a maze of fabric bolts. luckily, with that bright red hair, it's easy not to lose evie—or my mom!—in a big fabric store. 

as mimi sewed, evie and maddox made jewelry out of colorful beads and stretchy string, and disney music floated in the background. the kids love the special craft room at mimi's house!

the cat and i just watched and listened to it all. :)

Monday, March 7, 2016

Reagan's Rainbow

i was in palm springs last weekend for a bachelorette party (love you, lex!). on my way to the airport yesterday, a little bummed about having to trade in the sunny, 85-degree weather for the portland rain and cold, i spotted a rainbow. i didn't realize then that it was nancy reagan's rainbow—mother nature's beautiful tribute to her death, stretching over indian canyons golf resort, ronald reagan's favorite course, apparently. i did think it was eerie, though, since there hadn't been any rain. today that very rainbow is all over the news! r.i.p., nancy. and happy monday to everyone else.