Sunday, February 21, 2016

The Worst Part About Pregnancy Is the Mice

simply and honestly, the best part about being pregnant this time around is knowing that it's my last pregnancy. (that's the plan, anyway! and we all know how much life cares about plans.) not a single kick, twist, turn or hiccup coming from this baby-to-be is taken for granted. restless nights, constant trips to the bathroom and any discomfort is taken in stride. in the grand scheme of life, this pregnancy won't last long—it won't even last a second. (i'm counting on my positivity staying with me through four months of sleepless nights with a newborn, too, by the way.) 

i think i can do it, stay positive through it all. in this entry from a couple years ago, i promised myself i wouldn't sweat the small stuff once maddox was born, and that ended up being easy peezy! long days and exhausting nights didn't get me down in the least because i knew they'd be over in a blink. and they were. and, unlike i did when evie was a newborn, i actually looked forward to middle-of-the-night feedingswhen the house was quiet and maddox had my full attention. that's when we got to know each other, in the light of the moon.

so, short story long, taking nothing for granted is the best part about this pregnancy. the worst part is the mice. (you read that right.) until about a year ago, we had a cat to keep the mice away from our house. after the cat ran off, the mice started making themselves at home in our garage on cold nights (and, occasionally, in the recycling bin beneath our kitchen sink). we have traps everywhere. my sense of smell is out of control right nowi'm like a bloodhound, picking up scents from every direction. i can smell a dead mouse when no one else can, the second i open the door to the garage. blegh! i usually call jeff and tell him there will be a mouse (or two, or three) waiting for him when he gets home, because there's no way on earth i'm picking them up myself. yeah. that's the worst part about pregnancy.

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  1. Time to get a new cat? (So sorry to hear Freddie ran off!)