Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Trifecta of Fun

legos are big around here. so are cars and princesses. putting them all together is the ultimate trifecta of fun in our house. they're the first toys the kids learned (and liked) to play with together, and it's no wonder, since with all three, the possibilities are endless for both my girly girl and all-boy boy. i love watching them build towers for the princesses and garages for the cars, or taking the princesses "to the ball" in the cars, or rolling the cars into the lego towers like they're bowling, with a goal to knock every block down. last week they made a "goodnight train" out of legos, then took the princesses for a ride around the house while singing them to sleep. (those imaginations!)

we have about a bazillion toys crammed into every closet, spare drawer and storage ottoman in our 1,600-square foot house, but i think legos, cars and princesses are all we truly need. 

fourth on the list of favorite toys and games—for evie, anyway—is tent decorating. before even getting dressed for the day, this girl lugs an entire drawer of dress-up necklaces, scarves, bracelets, masks, purses and more into her room, then drags a stool in from the bathroom, and strategically adorns her tee-pee, pausing every minute or two to note the bare spots and figure out how to fill them. like she's decorating a christmas tree. she asks me to join her, and i do, but no necklace i place on the tee-pee is ever in just the right spot, so she ends up moving all of my attempts.

when the tent is finally done, we sit back and admire it, or we pretend it's elsa's castle or the house of a friend who's having a fabulous birthday party inside. i leave the "decor" alone for a few days (or weeks). as soon as it's all put away, the girl is back to decorating.

when maddox gets bored watching (there's no way he'd be allowed to help!), he finds better ways to entertain himself...

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