Thursday, April 17, 2014

Settled In

finally, we're all settled in as a family of four. i've gotten used to having two kids—two kids who need different things at different times. i've decided it feels good to be needed like i am. i've gotten used to being on my feet most of the day, to nursing a baby while hoisting a toddler onto the potty, to doing most things quickly and with one hand, to grabbing burp cloths off the floor with my toes because i have coffee in one hand and a baby in the other. my body's become okay with five or six hours of sleep every night. sometimes i even look forward to midnight feedings, when the house is still and it's just maddox and me, rocking and nursing in the dark quiet with no one and nothing to interrupt us. now, i don't even remember life with just one kid—and i don't want to. these days can be long and emotionally draining, but they're also very rewarding and, in a way, simple. i wouldn't trade them for anything. 

evie helps me change maddy's diapers by fetching wipes and singing songs to him while he's on the changing table. she shows him books, pets his fuzzy little head and hold his fingers and toes gently. she tells me he's sooooo cute, mimicking our friends when they meet him for the first time. i love spending time with just her. i take her to a tumbling class on monday mornings, which is so much fun because she's learning to jump and roll—and she absolutely loves it! she's so excited to play on the trampoline and climb through the fabric tunnel every week, and i'm excited to watch, and to help only when she needs me. when i see her following directions and interacting sweetly with the other kids, i'm the proudest mama in the world.

it's fun spending time with just maddox, too. yesterday we ventured to the grocery store for a "big shop" (growing up, that's what my mom called the trips when the fridge was completely empty; we needed everything). to my surprise, it's much easier taking maddy to the grocery store than it is to take evie! he was perfectly content strapped in the baby carrier, sucking on a pacifier, for the entire hour. he didn't ask to push the cart or eat the cheerios or hold the bagels or watch videos of himself on my iphone. it was the most enjoyable "big shop" i've had in quite some time.

and now, it's time to go! somebody's up from his nap.

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  1. I'm glad you've found your bearings again! Hooray! The life of a mom is definitely not easy, but it's so very sweet too.

    P.S. You look great!

  2. What a sweet post. Glad that you adjusted!! It seems like it's so much easier when babies are tiny than when they can actually communicate their needs. Crazy! What a perfect family :)

  3. um.....they are THE CUTEST. :) You should be one proud momma. They sound like great kids. Glad you're getting into the swing of things.

  4. You look like such a happy mama with a happy family <3

  5. That first part could be an ad for birth Glad you all are doing well. You look great! :)