Saturday, January 25, 2014

Shaking It Up

It's kind of funny: Just as life with Evie is getting super easy, we're bringing a baby into the mix to shake everything up. And when I say easy, I mean we can lounge in our bathrobes on Saturday mornings and drink whole cups of coffee without having to reheat them eight times. (It's awesome! Check out the matching robes we got for Christmas in the photo below. We wear them every chance we get.) We can make pancakes leisurely while evie "cooks" breakfast for her stuffed animals in her play kitchen or colors at her desk. The three of us can leave the house without a diaper bag. We can leave the house without worrying Evie will fall asleep in the car for a few minutes and refuse to nap in the afternoon. Our routine is perfect. Things are predictable. Life is easy. 

I hear transitioning from one kid to two is easier than transitioning from zero kids to one. Knowing what to expect makes for more relaxed parents—I'm guessing. There are just a few logistics I'm still not sure about. Like, how do you feed a baby around the clock and give your toddler some attention, too? What happens when the toddler needs her lunch but there's a baby stuck to your boob? When do you clean the house? And in a small house, how do you keep a crying baby from waking your toddler up at night? (Whenever I ask these questions, Jeff reminds me that he'll be around to help. Of course, I'm talking about when he's at work and it's just me at home with the two little monkeys!)

Just a couple more weeks until we get to find out! 

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  1. We are the same way. We have such a great family dynamic right now and I love how Sydney is at this age! But then I think about us having another kid and I wonder how it would play out.

  2. You'll swing two just fine! My mom gave me some great advice: Keep your expectations low. Really low. And she was right. It's hard to keep up on all the chores, give the babies enough attention, get enough sleep, etc. so something's got to give. And then, 8 months after he's born, you'll notice that it's easy again. You can actually sweep the floor! You're gaining some independence back! Wahoo! And then if you're like us, a year after that, you're ready to "ruin" it all over again. :) It's a wonderful vicious cycle. haha

  3. You'll work it all out and in a few weeks after your little guy is born, it'll be like you've always had 2!

  4. You will handle it because you have to and you embrace it and it's hard and beautiful and you couldn't imagine it being any different. Love little miss's booty in the last pic. Your little guy is almost here!! yay!