Sunday, December 15, 2013

We're Goin' On a Tree Hunt

it was about twenty degrees outside the day we went to the tree farm to find the perfect christmas tree. evie wore three pairs of pants, a long-sleeve tee, a sweatshirt, a big puffy coat, two hats, two pairs of gloves, two pairs of socks, and boots. it was the weekend after what i call our "extreme weekend of potty training" (when we let evie run around the house half-naked and peeing everywhere; we raced her to the bathroom every few minutes to sit on the potty and read "big girl" potty books and talk about wearing "big girl" undies). (that weekend's another story.) since evie had only been wearing undies for a few days, we hauled the potty seat and travel potty with us, crossing our fingers we wouldn't have to undress her in below-freezing temps and help her go tinkle in the middle of the tree farm. (luckily, we didn't.)

we found the perfect tree in record time. and by "we" i mean jeff, because i was more interested in taking pictures and hanging out with evie. it's the first year we (jeff) got a tree that's the right size for our living room! we always forget how tall our ceilings are, so we end up with something that's either too tall or way too short. 

it officially feels like christmas now!

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  1. awww looks like a nice family day!! We love getting our tree as well...last two years we just went wandering around the forest to find a perfect one....and its always a fun family adventure :)

  2. yayyyy for finding the perfect tree and tackling the potty training. that little girl is just too cute

  3. what a cute picture of you and Evie! Merry Christmas! Nothing like a live tree in the living room.

  4. Super cute family fun! Hooray for a tree. :)

  5. yay for finding a tree - looks fun despite the chill in the air!