Friday, December 27, 2013

Wait! There's a Baby in There?

at 33 weeks pregnant, i think evelyn's finally starting to understand what's happening inside my growing belly—there's a baby in there! sometimes she talks about her baby brother and how he'll sleep in her old room ("the baby room," not to be confused with "the big girl room") when he arrives.

earlier this week, after i'd given her a bath, i was sitting on the floor and helping her into her pajamas as she stood in front of me. before she was completely dressed, she grabbed the front of my tank top and peered down my shirt. then she lifted a leg and tried to step inside. she was trying to climb inside of my shirt. it was weird. i asked, "what are you doing, silly?" and she replied, pointing at my tummy, "i want to get in there with my baby brother." 

it was so funny and sweet! i hope i never forget that.

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  1. She seems like such a sweetie!! Adorable pictures :)

  2. She's the cutest. LOVE the first two pics.

  3. So precious. Hope you are feeling well, you certainly look amazing. And your daughter is a precious sight. Take care,


  4. Awww, that's just precious--wanting to get in your belly with her brother. Love it!

  5. these pictures of you and Evie are just too cute!!