Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Kids Say the Darndest Things!

evie's not quite two, so we haven't yet experienced any of the embarrassing public outbursts or uncomfortable questions about strangers-within-earshot that other parents seem to talk about (e.g., "what's wrong with her nose, mommy?"). last weekend, though, evie said her first "darndest thing." 

the three of us were on the floor reading books together. i sat crisscross applesauce, my pregnant belly looking quite large under my gray long-sleeve tee. jeff was sprawled out across the floor with his head resting on my knee. 

after a few minutes, evie looked at us and said, in all seriousness, "daddy's laying on a elephant."

jeff and i looked at each other for a second to make sure we'd heard right (had she mistaken my baby bump and me for a giant zoo animal?), and then jeff started laughing so hard that no sound came out. i (the elephant?) wasn't as amused, but jeff's laugh made me laugh, so pretty soon we were both in hysterics. evie thought she'd made a great joke, so she repeated it over and over with a grin so wide and long-lasting you'd think her mouth was stuck that way. 

"daddy's laying on a elephant! daddy's laying on a elephant! haha!"

jeff and evie started to cry; they were laughing so hard. i cried a little, too, but not because i was happy. 

shoot. do i really look like an elephant? i thought. i sure feel like one these days!

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  1. Bahahahaha!!!! I definetly just busted up laughing! (I'm at some weird stares)That made my day, thanks :)

  2. Hahaha aww!!! Evie sounds adorable :)

  3. I have a journal in my kitchen where I write down all the crazy things my boys say. It is so fun to remember these times!

  4. Haha I'm sorry!! This is hilarious though. She is so cute!! And no, you look gorgeous mama!

  5. lol.. it was more about your elephant like cuteness than the largeness of you.. i'm 50% sure of that. :)