Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Hawaiian Wedding

jeff cries at every wedding we go to. (he's a softie, and i love him for it.) i cry sometimes, when the couple writes their own vows like our friends mike and lauren did. they had an intimate little wedding in kailua-kona, with about twenty guests. i was loving the vibe. we actually got to hang out with them for a couple days before they got married, and we got to talk to them—to the bride and groom!—at the wedding. at so many of our friends' weddings (and at ours), the bride and groom are too busy thanking all of their guests (and dancing for their guests, and giving toasts, and so on) to have meaningful, personal conversations with anyone. this was completely different. we felt like such a big part of mike and lauren's special day.

they were so happy, it was contagious. lauren didn't care that her dress was three inches too long or that she didn't know how to tie the bustle. she didn't care about her heels sinking into the grass or the torrential downpour during dinner. she smiled so wide, and mike smiled just as big, and they laughed and celebrated with family and friends all evening. 

after cocktails at sunset, we had dinner at a cute little restaurant nearby. it rained like crazy. we were outside under a tin roof that couldn't protect us. some of us had to get up and move to the other side of the table, so we all squeezed together, which made everything even more romantic and memorable. the whole day was just so natural, and happy.