Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Get Out Your Tissues

now that we've all had a good cry, let's talk about how incredible this is. it's brilliant! my iphone and computer are full of pictures and videos of our most memorable "evie" moments, and up until now i've been wondering what to do with them. should i put them on a cd that we'll eventually lose or scratch? or save them to a bulky external hard drive that we'll have to keep safe for years until evie is interested in seeing them? should i print every picture and put them all in a scrapbook? (i've been making some pretty great shutterfly photo books, but that doesn't help my video dilemma.)

i was stumped, but now i'm inspired. through email, jeff and i could send our favorite videos to our kids, plus we could write little stories and notes to them, and perhaps the grandparents could do the same. maybe i'd send this one of evie learning the "magic words":

i've heard you can't actually create an email account for your baby—or anyone under age thirteen—so we'd have to open the account under one of our names and give it to evie as a gift when she's old enough. 

what do you think of the idea? how do you preserve your favorite memories and plan to share them with your kids?

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  1. that is the most precious idea ever. oh technology.

  2. I do it for my niece and she's 14 now. Opened it when she was thing ever!

  3. Meghan, she is the sweetest! I love her little voice!

  4. Giiiirl!! I teared up with both videos!! Evie's is beautiful!!! I say go for the email. You've inspired me to do that!!!!

  5. We are going to do it! We THINK his name is Bennett but I dont want anything official until we see him (but we are quite sure he is bennett since we dont talk about other names and and couldnt decide on any other one!). My husband said if we dont do Bennett we can just forward the emails we write him to his new email ;)

  6. So i totally thought of you yesterday when I was at a friends with a 1 year old! I was looking through their shutterfly book and on the last page it had all of these QR codes (the things you scan with your phone) and I asked what they were. Apparently the dad has an app or something that he can generate his own QR codes that then match up with his youtube videos he has of their son! He uploads all their videos to a private youtube account, makes a QR code for each one, prints it out and puts it in the book. They make a new book every 4 months so at the end of the book there is a good 20+ video codes that you can then scan and it takes you directly to their youtube page of that exact video. It was so cool! Not exactly sure how it was done but I thought I'd tell you it was possible since you had mentioned what do you do with videos :)