Monday, October 28, 2013

kailua-kona, hawaii

for us, vacation means sleeping in, drinking coffee from a mug (not a to-go cup as we're flying out the door), and reading. that's all. it doesn't matter where we are; a vacation's a vacation when we get those three glorious things. 

before evie, vacation meant scouting out the town's greatest attractions—from hiking trails to sea and air excursions—and cramming in as much activity as we could in a week, with a little pool time here and there. (ha! sounds like work to me now.)

last week, we drank our morning coffee from heavy mugs and read peacefully, interrupted only by the crashing waves of the clear blue-green pacific ocean. the water lined our back patio. those quiet mornings were my favorite time of day. 

we weren't completely lazy, though. because of the early sunrise and time change, jeff and i were up around 6:30 every morning (still feeling like we'd slept in!), which gave us plenty of time to read and relax before wanting to go to the beach or wander through town. 

life is slow in kailua-kona. the speed limit is 45, but people choose to go 40. there's no rush to get anywhere except maybe the ocean for prime-time surfing. it's nice, different. 

every night i dressed up for dinner, not because we went anywhere fancy but because i had the luxury of getting ready without a two-year-old hanging on me, without her ransacking my make-up when i turn away. "evie put on make-up, too," she always says, looking up at me with a tube of mascara in one hand and a compact mirror in the other. i loved taking extra time to dry my hair and apply lipstick properly, but i missed that little girl hanging on me. whenever i closed my make-up drawer in our hawaii bathroom, i could almost hear evie yelling, "knock knock!" (while knocking on the drawer, just like she always does), begging the drawer to open and reveal all the make-up again. 

one morning we woke up at six and went deep-sea fishing. gosh, i've never been more seasick in my life. we rode around in that boat for seven hours (seven!) and didn't catch a thing. not. a. thing. we got to see some dolphins jumping and flipping and splashing by the boat, though. they really put on a show. it was like they knew we wouldn't catch any fish and wanted to make up for it.

it was a spectacular, much needed adult-only vacation, but i sure am happy to be home with my little munchkin, getting back into the swing of real life.  

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Beach

when life gets too hectic, the beach makes everything better. the oregon coast was perfect last weekend—warm, sunny, calm. we didn't have to think about everything we have to do to get ready for the new baby, or the leak in our living room ceiling (gah!), or work, or anything. we got to just relax.

and on saturday, jeff and i will be on a different kind of beach—in hawaii! 

i'm off to start packing...

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Get Out Your Tissues

now that we've all had a good cry, let's talk about how incredible this is. it's brilliant! my iphone and computer are full of pictures and videos of our most memorable "evie" moments, and up until now i've been wondering what to do with them. should i put them on a cd that we'll eventually lose or scratch? or save them to a bulky external hard drive that we'll have to keep safe for years until evie is interested in seeing them? should i print every picture and put them all in a scrapbook? (i've been making some pretty great shutterfly photo books, but that doesn't help my video dilemma.)

i was stumped, but now i'm inspired. through email, jeff and i could send our favorite videos to our kids, plus we could write little stories and notes to them, and perhaps the grandparents could do the same. maybe i'd send this one of evie learning the "magic words":

i've heard you can't actually create an email account for your baby—or anyone under age thirteen—so we'd have to open the account under one of our names and give it to evie as a gift when she's old enough. 

what do you think of the idea? how do you preserve your favorite memories and plan to share them with your kids?

Tuesday, October 8, 2013


this morning, evie and i played with play-doh. among my creations were an alien, a cat, a bowl of blue eggs and a caterpillar. (i like play-doh, okay?) evie dug her chubby little fingers into a big chunk of orange clay and called it a rainbow. she also squished my alien—the one i worked so long and hard on—between her hands and said it was a snake. i replied, "that's not a snake, silly. snakes are long and skinny, not fat and alien-shaped." 

and then i thought, what the heck am i doing? a mother should encourage her daughter's imagination, not put down her play-doh art! from now on, if evie sees a snake in a smashed alien, power to her. future "rainbows" and "snakes" will be works of genius, as far as i'm concerned.

after i insulted her art, evie popped a huge ball of blue play-doh into her mouth, swallowed it, and sat calmly as i frantically scoured the internet to make sure it wasn't toxic.

"you insult me? i'll freak you out." that's what she'd say if she could string so many words together.  touché, evelyn.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Pigs 'n' Pumpkins

this weekend was reserved for time outside. we were blessed with gorgeous, warm weather, so we decided to drive forty minutes out to the middle of nowhere to pick pumpkins and watch pigs race. (ever been to a pig race? we hadn't!) for those of you who don't know, forty minutes of driving with a toddler in the backseat equals a whole lot of cheerios—smashed into the seat, wedged in the door. they're everywhere in our car. but the gorgeous weather meant we were all in great moods, and this time i didn't care about the mess.  

evie was totally into the pig races. she clapped her hands and cheered, "again! again!" each time a race ended. i don't think she knew pigs could move so fast or squeal so loudly. (i don't think i did, either.) 

even more entertaining than the pig races were a giant tunnel slide...

...and a "pig train" ride.

just look at evie go! sometimes i hardly recognize this big girl.
happy october, friends.