Sunday, October 6, 2013

Pigs 'n' Pumpkins

this weekend was reserved for time outside. we were blessed with gorgeous, warm weather, so we decided to drive forty minutes out to the middle of nowhere to pick pumpkins and watch pigs race. (ever been to a pig race? we hadn't!) for those of you who don't know, forty minutes of driving with a toddler in the backseat equals a whole lot of cheerios—smashed into the seat, wedged in the door. they're everywhere in our car. but the gorgeous weather meant we were all in great moods, and this time i didn't care about the mess.  

evie was totally into the pig races. she clapped her hands and cheered, "again! again!" each time a race ended. i don't think she knew pigs could move so fast or squeal so loudly. (i don't think i did, either.) 

even more entertaining than the pig races were a giant tunnel slide...

...and a "pig train" ride.

just look at evie go! sometimes i hardly recognize this big girl.
happy october, friends.