Tuesday, September 3, 2013

My Favorite Evie-isms

apologies in advance if this post makes you barf. it's a list of my favorite words and phrases that evie so sweetly mispronounces, which i hope to read again in five years to help me remember my daughter at 20 months old. just last week, evie started speaking more clearly and pronouncing more words correctly—something a mom should be proud of—and i about cried. (have you thrown up in your mouth a little bit yet?) i thought, i'd better get these written down before it's too late and my daughter is speaking in full, sharp sentences. (time, stop moving so fast!)

anyway, here are my favorite evie-isms from the last few months:

adada (again)
adodo (avocado)
ba-ba-wee-na (ballerina)
dook (milk)
eee-ba-ba! (peanut butter!) 
ee-na-no (piano)
haay-bup (sit up)
help-ooo (help me)
hold-ooo (hold me)
hoo-hic (music)
mips (gramps)
nee-nee (dinner)
oat-um (oatmeal)
tie (sky)     

other things i'm loving right now:

♥ when evie gives me a kiss, she sticks her tongue out and sort of licks my face. (not sure where she learned that!)

♥ she says "please" and "thank you" to strangers (the cashier at the grocery store, the girl at the park).

♥ she sleeps with two lovies. we found her a second, backup "lovie" (a little blanket with an elephant head) that looks just like the original because, with a backup, i thought i'd actually get to wash the original more than once every couple weeks. but now evie knows there are two lovies and demands to sleep with both of them every night. she walks around with one in each hand, exclaiming, "two lovies! two lovies!" just as happy as ever.

♥ when she sees a kid, she points and yells, "kid! kid!" and then i ask, "is evie a kid, or a baby?" and she says, "kid. widdle kid."

♥ last night, evie said i was her friend ("mama evie's fwiend"), and i melted into a little puddle on the floor.

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  1. oohhh too cute! I love that she told you you were her friend. adorable.

  2. oh my gosh sooo cute!! I can't imagine how she sounds when she says those words. Good job for documenting them!

  3. My niece says "kid!" when she sees a kid too! And one time we went to the library and there were identical twins and she said "two kids! two kids!". So funny!

  4. Aww, I totally don't blame you for wanting to remember the way her little baby voice sounds. So sweet! Love that she wants mommy to be her "fweind" too! :-)

  5. That pictures is just about my favorite thing ever... Those heart sunglasses need to be kept forever- TOO CUTE!
    Loving the phrases.. your going to look back and be so happy you documented it! You'll be able to hear her mini voice in your head.. so cute.

  6. I love baby talk! I have been nannying for the same family for 9 year and when the little guy was like 1 I wrote down all the cute sayings he said and she is now grateful I did bc she forgot tons of them! Have you seen the book My Quotable Kid? I have that on my registry bc I soo want it!