Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Road Trip!

a couple weeks ago we took a road trip to lake tahoe. that's a ten hour drive from portland (without stops)! jeff was behind the wheel the whole way, which meant i was in charge of keeping evelyn entertained. every couple hours, from the backseat, i asked jeff if he needed a break (hoping he'd say yes, please), but he admitted he'd rather drive (and drive, and drive) than sit in the back with an antsy toddler. ugh. the backseat was loaded with brand-new games i bought just for the trip: a doodle pad, a bag of magnetized letters to stick onto a metal cookie sheet, mrs. potato head, tons of play-doh, coloring books and crayons, books, puzzles, and a whole lot of new apps and games to play on my tablet. each activity kept evie busy for about six minutes. she slept for a total of 30.

after eleven hours, we arrived in tahoe city to 20 family members from all over the country, from washington d.c. to texas to san francisco. it was great to be with everyone for a whole week. we hiked, rode bikes, took a sunset cruise, played on the sand and in the lake, barbecued, swam in the pool, played tennis, and just enjoyed each other's company. lots of sunshine, lots of laughs!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Six Stages of Pregnancy

all you mamas and soon-to-be mamas will get a chuckle out of this article i found on pregnant chicken. i'm still in the awkward stage 2 (when you look fat but not pregnant), eagerly awaiting stage 3 and, of course, stage 6. this is a photo of me from october 2011 (definitely stage 4). i blame my lack of blogging lately on stage 1.

stage 1: you just found out you're pregnant. you're excited (or horrified) and you can't believe you're going to be a mother. you may be scared to give birth and wonder how you're going to do it. everywhere you look you see pregnant women. you're tired. like, really tired. every pain and twinge you wonder if it's because you're pregnant. you wonder if people can tell that you're pregnant – sort of like when you wonder if people can tell if you're drunk (hopefully, you aren't wondering this at the same time).

stage 2: you look fat but not pregnant. you can see people kind of looking at you wondering but it seems weird to blurt out "i'm pregnant!"  you may or may not have told people by now. the people you've told ask you how you're feeling all the time. you may have bought a couple of maternity things that you think you can wear after the baby comes. you may be tired, sick, have sore boobs and have to pee constantly. it's a delicious luck of the draw.

stage 3: you're really cute and could be an ad for a maternity store. everyone can see that you're pregnant and congratulates you and tells you how wonderful you look. you feel great. nothing hurts and you don't feel sick anymore. this stage usually lasts for about 27 minutes.

stage 4: you're starting to find it hard to breathe and things are starting to swell. you're sick of people asking you if you know what you're having, when you're due and if you've decided on a name. you're tired of wearing the same maternity clothes but you don't want to buy new stuff because you're almost done. shaving your legs, putting shoes and tending to your lady bits is becoming difficult.

stage 5: you feel enormous and none of your maternity clothes fit. you want to crash through walls and shout "oh yeah!" like the koolaid man. people keep saying "haven't you had that baby yet?" you have a new appreciation for how difficult it is for the elderly and morbidly obese to get around and swear you're going to become an advocate for their rights once you catch your breath. you're no longer scared of birth, you just want this kid out of you, and if that means pulling it through your right nostril, so be it. 

stage 6: the baby is here. you want to burn your maternity clothes on the front lawn. you're no longer pregnant and you're looking forward to getting your body back, a full night's sleep and eating a nice, hot meal. wait. what?

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

coming soon

in case you haven't seen our little announcement floating around instagram and facebook—guess what? we're expecting baby #2 in february, and we can hardly wait!