Tuesday, July 16, 2013

What Do You Miss?

i love my little family and life right now, but sometimes i can't help but miss the simplicity of college. oh, how lucky i was to live in a house full of girls and be surrounded by my best friends every day! (sometimes a husband can't heal the way a good girlfriend can.) there were always people to laugh with, people to study with, and people to stay up all night watching sex and the city reruns and drinking cheap wine with. (secretly, i wish i could do that every night.) i formed my very best friendships in college. 

that was before iphones, when everyone was happy with her call-and-text-only flip phone. when a group of us sat in a room, no one was feverishly "liking" instagram photos or responding to messages on facebook, distracted; we were content just hanging out. i miss that, too. these days, someone's always glued to a little screen.

i just read an article in women's health magazine titled, "how to 'friend' someone in real life." i laughed while reading it, but actually it was kind of sad. the moral of the story was to pull yourself away from facebook and instagram and, instead, say hello to the woman who runs on the treadmill next to yours at the gym. seems like a no-brainer, doesn't it?

what do you miss?  

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  1. i was in a sorority myself and although i am not super 'pro sorority' i do have to admit i made my best friends in the house :)

  2. Oh what a sweet post... My husband and I talk about these feelings a lot. With traveling so much we wouldn't change it for the world but sometime we miss going down to the local pub with our friends or jumping in a car to our parents to have tea:) Brings tears to my eyes, but there is all different season in our lives and I am so thankful for all of them!
    You are just darling in your pics from college! HOW MUCH FUN DID YOU HAVE? Love it!

  3. Ugh this just made me sad for myself and for everybody in this day and age. Never thought about it, but yeah, its soo true that "back in the day" we actually sat and enjoyed each other. The only distraction was the game Snake on my phone ;) Rarely texted (it was too expensive!), just soley sat in a room with friends and gave each other 100%. Now we are all guilty of going on FB at the dinner table, constantly on it while laying in bed with my husband (who i only get to see 2 hours a night) and I catch myself constantly while walking through target or walking through the mall glued to my phones screen. How pathetic! I made a resolution for myself this year that was "be more present" aka put my phone down more and I just now realized how much I've failed at it :/ Thanks for writing this post, I vow to do better!

  4. awwww, Megs, I miss college too! Especially when I see these photos. The best part of it was living all together for so many years. I miss that all the time! Good post!!!

  5. I seriously miss the days without being 'plugged in'. This week being out of the country and only able to connect with wifi I've realized i'm a technology addict. eeks.