Friday, July 19, 2013

Look What I Got!

on tuesday, jeff and i treated ourselves to brand-spanking new hardwood floors. (faux hardwood, but who can tell the difference? we sure can't.) it's something i've wanted since i first stepped foot in our little home. for months i cringed watching evie scoot around on the old carpet. when i put my nose to it, i could tell pets and kids had lived on it for years before us.

here's what our living room floor used to look like. now that i'm seeing the before and after photos next to each other, i don't think the carpet and wood look much different. but in real life? they're like night and day.

we also got new pillows and some other little things—i have a serious, serious home-decor shopping problem. i'd rather spend my paycheck on pillows and candles and picture frames and rugs than anything else. and when i get new floors? i need a whole bunch of other stuff to go with them. here's what i came home with yesterday:

jeff practically begs me to stop the shopping (stop the madness!), but i just can't. (some of my other home-improvement projects here, here and here.) next on the list for the living room is a little rug for under the coffee table. you know, to cozy up the space. here's what i'm thinking:

happy weekend!

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  1. Your home is beautiful! Never stop adding! And keep sharing too :)

  2. love the hardwood floors. they look fabulous!

  3. ahh so lovely! makes me want to do our floors now too!

  4. it looks so good! I love all your decor! :)

  5. Looks great, and you decorate so well! Love it! : )

  6. Flipping out with you!!!! What an amazing fun transformation!!! I love the sparkling floors and that splashes of new color! You done good lady! Love it!!!