Wednesday, July 3, 2013

a lesson learned the hard way

it's hot!
last weekend, we spent as much time outside as we could. we love us some sun and swimming. with a busted air conditioner, the cold willamette river is just what we needed. our air conditioner broke just days after we removed a hideous ceiling fan from our living room. (ha!) now, jeff and i wish more than anything we still had that fan. oh, irony. 

after a great time at the willamette river on saturday, evie and i decided to go swimming with friends on sunday while jeff worked. we learned the hard way why swim diapers are so important. no, vital

when we got to the pool and i noticed we forgot to pack swim diapers, i thought, no big deal. they don't hold any pee anyway. (you'd think in this day and age we'd have a diaper that could be submerged in a pool and contain pee, but we don't.) i happily and foolishly toted evie around the pool in a regular disposable diaper. everyone ooo'ed and ahh'ed as she splashed and giggled, and i felt proud. her bottom became exceptionally bloated, but still i thought, no biggie. i knew the diaper would fill with water and look a little larger than normal. 

a half hour later, her stomach and chest were bloating, too. i wondered for a minute if she'd been stung or was having an allergic reaction to something. alarmed, i peeked inside her little pink swimsuit and saw that the diaper had completely exploded! or disintegrated. it's hard to explain. there were these clear, puffed-up pellets everywhere. it was like layers and layers of sticky couscous all over evie's little body. 

it was not easy to clean. i ended up throwing away our new beach towel because i didn't even want to put those mysterious, sticky pellets in the wash. 

the lesson: there's a reason swim diapers exist! never, ever, under any circumstances, let your child wear a regular disposable diaper in a swimming pool. 

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  1. Ok I was worried this was going to involve poop, so at least you were spared there! I had almost the same thing happen this weekend- I joked that my little guy had a beyonce butt only to realize his diaper was at least 5-6 lbs when i took it off. Gonna stick with my reusable swim diaper from now on!!

  2. Lol. At least poop wasn't involved. Those little pellets can cause problems!

  3. Oh my goodness! My kids' diapers have bloated, but have never exploded. Good to know. I can only imagine how long that took to clean up. I love the picture Evie swimming. Could she be any more cuter?

  4. Oh how scary, I'm happy she was okay! Happy holiday weekend!

  5. Oh no, what a mess! And I hope you get your a/c fixed ASAP. Good luck!

  6. HAHA! Love it! Wedid this one time too! Hers never disintegrated, but it got huge!!!!

  7. Ahhh! I've seen those ugly little things! Thank you for the tip!

  8. Ah man I have cleaned up those little pellets from my little sister's diaper before .... Not fun! But at least she looks cute in the pics above :)

  9. Hey there, thanks for the advice. I actually stopped using swim diapers altogether a few years back when I found swim pants for little ones. Have you seen them? They sell them at Target, Walmart, Babies R Us and most places like this. They look like a cloth diaper almost but have elastic around top and around leg holes and the inside is lined with plastic. They work super well!! She's a doll. I love your pictures and have really been enjoying your blog ! Take care,