Friday, July 26, 2013


as of this morning, it's official: we'll be in hawaii in october. i can't wait! our friends are getting married on the big island, in kailua-kona, so we're spending six nights there to relax and help celebrate. we'll also be celebrating our first anniversary as hubby and wife. after quite a few spats about whether or not to take evie with us, jeff and i decided we'd leave her with her loving (and very excited) grandparents for the week. i'll cry while we say goodbye at the airport, i'm sure, but once we're in hawaii i know i'll enjoy sleeping in and reading more than just a few pages of my book at a time.
anyone been to kona? i'd love to hear your tips and recommendations. i've never been to hawaii! 

Monday, July 22, 2013

Buried in Berries

on sunday, while jeff was busy installing our new baseboards (fun, right?), evie and i picked berries at a nearby farm with friends. evie absolutely loved pulling the berries off the bushes and dropping them in the bucket (the little girls were so cute with their giant buckets!)—but she loved eating them more. she definitely ate more than she picked. when it got close to snack time and her tummy started rumbling, she devoured them by the handful! i'm pretty sure we brought home half as many as we picked. 

Friday, July 19, 2013

Look What I Got!

on tuesday, jeff and i treated ourselves to brand-spanking new hardwood floors. (faux hardwood, but who can tell the difference? we sure can't.) it's something i've wanted since i first stepped foot in our little home. for months i cringed watching evie scoot around on the old carpet. when i put my nose to it, i could tell pets and kids had lived on it for years before us.

here's what our living room floor used to look like. now that i'm seeing the before and after photos next to each other, i don't think the carpet and wood look much different. but in real life? they're like night and day.

we also got new pillows and some other little things—i have a serious, serious home-decor shopping problem. i'd rather spend my paycheck on pillows and candles and picture frames and rugs than anything else. and when i get new floors? i need a whole bunch of other stuff to go with them. here's what i came home with yesterday:

jeff practically begs me to stop the shopping (stop the madness!), but i just can't. (some of my other home-improvement projects here, here and here.) next on the list for the living room is a little rug for under the coffee table. you know, to cozy up the space. here's what i'm thinking:

happy weekend!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

What Do You Miss?

i love my little family and life right now, but sometimes i can't help but miss the simplicity of college. oh, how lucky i was to live in a house full of girls and be surrounded by my best friends every day! (sometimes a husband can't heal the way a good girlfriend can.) there were always people to laugh with, people to study with, and people to stay up all night watching sex and the city reruns and drinking cheap wine with. (secretly, i wish i could do that every night.) i formed my very best friendships in college. 

that was before iphones, when everyone was happy with her call-and-text-only flip phone. when a group of us sat in a room, no one was feverishly "liking" instagram photos or responding to messages on facebook, distracted; we were content just hanging out. i miss that, too. these days, someone's always glued to a little screen.

i just read an article in women's health magazine titled, "how to 'friend' someone in real life." i laughed while reading it, but actually it was kind of sad. the moral of the story was to pull yourself away from facebook and instagram and, instead, say hello to the woman who runs on the treadmill next to yours at the gym. seems like a no-brainer, doesn't it?

what do you miss?  

Monday, July 8, 2013

evie's first sparkler

party time! 
this fourth of july was quite different from last year's. evie was just seven months old last year, and she fell asleep at 6:30 on the dot every night. jeff and i were stuck at home, on the front porch of our tiny dead-end street hoping to catch a glimpse of a fireworks display in the distance (we didn't), slaves to our daughter's sleep schedule. this year, evie's a much older and more sophisticated 18-month-old who stays up until—get this!—7:30pm, so we got to enjoy a big barbecue dinner with friends and sparklers before the sun went down. since last year, we've learned the value of putting evie to sleep in the portable pack-n-play (at friends' houses or wherever) so we can stay up late and party—or watch an awesome fireworks show. that pack-n-play and white noise machine of ours are genius.

besides the giant fireworks display directly overhead, one of the night's highlights was this six-layer ombre cake. it was creative, pretty and delicious. i may or may not have had two very large pieces.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

a lesson learned the hard way

it's hot!
last weekend, we spent as much time outside as we could. we love us some sun and swimming. with a busted air conditioner, the cold willamette river is just what we needed. our air conditioner broke just days after we removed a hideous ceiling fan from our living room. (ha!) now, jeff and i wish more than anything we still had that fan. oh, irony. 

after a great time at the willamette river on saturday, evie and i decided to go swimming with friends on sunday while jeff worked. we learned the hard way why swim diapers are so important. no, vital

when we got to the pool and i noticed we forgot to pack swim diapers, i thought, no big deal. they don't hold any pee anyway. (you'd think in this day and age we'd have a diaper that could be submerged in a pool and contain pee, but we don't.) i happily and foolishly toted evie around the pool in a regular disposable diaper. everyone ooo'ed and ahh'ed as she splashed and giggled, and i felt proud. her bottom became exceptionally bloated, but still i thought, no biggie. i knew the diaper would fill with water and look a little larger than normal. 

a half hour later, her stomach and chest were bloating, too. i wondered for a minute if she'd been stung or was having an allergic reaction to something. alarmed, i peeked inside her little pink swimsuit and saw that the diaper had completely exploded! or disintegrated. it's hard to explain. there were these clear, puffed-up pellets everywhere. it was like layers and layers of sticky couscous all over evie's little body. 

it was not easy to clean. i ended up throwing away our new beach towel because i didn't even want to put those mysterious, sticky pellets in the wash. 

the lesson: there's a reason swim diapers exist! never, ever, under any circumstances, let your child wear a regular disposable diaper in a swimming pool.