Monday, July 22, 2013

Buried in Berries

on sunday, while jeff was busy installing our new baseboards (fun, right?), evie and i picked berries at a nearby farm with friends. evie absolutely loved pulling the berries off the bushes and dropping them in the bucket (the little girls were so cute with their giant buckets!)—but she loved eating them more. she definitely ate more than she picked. when it got close to snack time and her tummy started rumbling, she devoured them by the handful! i'm pretty sure we brought home half as many as we picked. 

Monday, July 8, 2013

evie's first sparkler

party time! 
this fourth of july was quite different from last year's. evie was just seven months old last year, and she fell asleep at 6:30 on the dot every night. jeff and i were stuck at home, on the front porch of our tiny dead-end street hoping to catch a glimpse of a fireworks display in the distance (we didn't), slaves to our daughter's sleep schedule. this year, evie's a much older and more sophisticated 18-month-old who stays up until—get this!—7:30pm, so we got to enjoy a big barbecue dinner with friends and sparklers before the sun went down. since last year, we've learned the value of putting evie to sleep in the portable pack-n-play (at friends' houses or wherever) so we can stay up late and party—or watch an awesome fireworks show. that pack-n-play and white noise machine of ours are genius.

besides the giant fireworks display directly overhead, one of the night's highlights was this six-layer ombre cake. it was creative, pretty and delicious. i may or may not have had two very large pieces.