Wednesday, May 15, 2013

happy list

day 14 of the challenge (a couple days late): a list of ten things that make me really happy. this is an easy one.

1) weekend brunch with friends. seriously, this is one of my favorite things of all time.

2) baby toes, especially when they curl with happiness like this.

 3) family beach trips. you can't beat 'em!

4) my morning latte. oh, it makes me so happy.

5) eating, drinking and laughing with my best girlfriends.

6) backyard barbecues and freshly picked wildflowers. (i have a little obsession with snatching flowers that don't belong to me.) summer in general. 

7) thinking back on this moment, one of the best of my life.

8) my new outdoor living room. the last few nights, i've sat out here with a glass of wine and magazine until dark. jeff has had to make dinner because i can't bare to be inside when the weather's great and my little patio looks like this.

9) this picture. when i look at it, i remember how lucky i am to be evelyn's mama.

10) family reunions at the jersey shore, where it's warm and peaceful and easy, where we stay up late telling stories and my cheeks ache from laughter.

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  1. This list made ME happy! :) So fun!

  2. what an amazing post - I'm happier now, too!! I'm with you on so many of those points. I LOVE brunch and your outside space is AMAAAAAZING.

  3. This is so cute! I love your list and your photos! You and your family are so adorable!

  4. love this! and love your mothers day pics too..esp the mini burger! I hope everything with Evie's surgery went well. Sending you happy thoughts and vibes :)

  5. Beautiful post, so many wonderful things! I loved the baby toes picture.

  6. Great list- I agree on many of these. And your photos are beautiful!

  7. i think we would be best friends. we would just sit outside every morning with a latte and every night with a glass of wine! :)

  8. Loved reading your "happy" list! :) Your daughter is adorable! And those So with you on the morning latte!