Monday, May 13, 2013

grillin' and chillin' with mom

every mother's day, jeff and i invite our parents, brothers and sisters over for dinner. "but it's your day, too," my mom always says, a trace of guilt in her voice. she doesn't want me cleaning and slaving over dinner on mother's day. then again, she did it it for yearsuntil she became a grandmother and finally got invited to someone else's house (thanks to me). but i love hosting. having both moms over on mother's day is a heck of a lot easier than visiting two families to deliver two presents. and it's more fun, too. 

jeff's family was out of town last weekend, so we had a smaller-than-average barbecue for my parents and younger sister. i took advantage of the little group and got cutesy with plates (burger baskets!), cups and straws.

while i took pictures, evie waited patiently for her baby-size burger that jeff made specially for her. jeff really wanted me to take pictures of it (because a tiny burger is just so cute and funny!).

we had fun showing evie how to eat that tiny burger like a burger is supposed to be eaten. we didn't cut it into bite-size pieces like normal (safer?) parents of a toddler would do. we just planted the whole thing in her hand and let her at it.

this year, i took this brilliant blogger's advice and got our moms brag books: accordion style books that fold up nicely and fit perfectly in a purse pocket. now our moms will have easily accessible, high quality snaps of evelyn when coworkers and friends ask to see photos of their granddaughter. 

oh, jeff was at the barbecue too. but this is the only evidence i have of it. (just look at evie going to town on that mini bleu cheese burger!)

i hope all you moms had a wonderful mother's day weekend. 

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  1. Aw, looks like a great weekend!

  2. What a cool mini burger! Okay, your whole mother's day party was cool! And Evie's dress is too cute. Happy Mother's Day!!!

  3. Look your decorations - they are so cute! Also Evie is such a cute baby!!! The picture of her trying to eat the tiny burger is too funny!

  4. Evie is such a cutie!! Looks like you had a wonderful mother's day (love the baby burgers, too). :)

  5. Evie's outfit! Ohmygoodness. So precious!

  6. What a fun party! Beautiful pictures.

  7. Your pictures are so great! Looks like such a great day!

    Evie's outfit is so adorable!