Wednesday, May 8, 2013

a moment in my day

some of the best moments in my day are on the drive home.

every tuesday and thursday, i drive a half hour to pick evie up from daycare and a half hour home, even though home is just three minutes from my office. (we have an incredible part-time childcare provider who just so happens to live completely out of the way, but she's worth every minute and every penny it takes to get to her house.) evie usually sings the whole way home. i can never tell if she's excited to see me or if she just loves to sing. either way, her chirpy mood erases any stress or pressure that has escalated throughout the workday and just makes me happy to be in the car, homeward bound. sometimes i crank the volume on her favorite pandora station and she goes nuts. we sing along to new renditions of "the itsy bitsy spider" and play peek-a-boo at red lights. i ask about her day and what we should have for dinner. evie always wants apple or "adodo" (avocado). 

this week, the late-afternoon sun has been pouring through our open windows, warming our cheeks, and i've been putting the sunshade down on the car seat to save evie's snow-white skin from frying. but evie doesn't want the sunshade down. she'd rather squint through the beautiful oregon sun than block it completely, and i don't blame her. sometimes, in late afternoon, we take a short walk through the neighborhood to soak it up. 

late afternoons have always been my favorite.

happy thursday, friends. 

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  1. You blog is super-cute! I'll start following. : )

  2. I dare say that late-afternoons are Evie's favorite, too. ;) So sweet, Meghan!

  3. Beautiful pictures! I love late afternoons. Throughout the years it's been for different reasons. But my reason now? My husband comes in from work and we get to spend time as a family.

    Thanks for the comment, by the way.

  4. I love the pictures!! I can just picture Evie squinting in the sun, her red hair ablaze. She is so beautiful!!

    I agree... the late afternoon sun is so pretty and cozy shining into the house.

  5. Aww so sweet! Love the picture of her in her car seat :)

  6. Love the way the light falls onto the car seat in the first pic and little Evie's hat in the second :) Are you on Bloglovin'? Couldn't find the button! :(

  7. So beautiful and sweet!
    And I love the photographs :)

  8. I love that you drive out of your way for extra special care - shows how much you love your little girl. :):)

  9. Visiting from the Mommy Monday. I'd love for you to share your family-friendly crafts and ideas at Monday Kid Corner at See you at the party!


  10. I agree nothing beats the outdoors and sunshine.

    Thanks for stopping by and saying hello! Have a nice Monday!