Saturday, May 4, 2013

baby shower saturday

on saturday i hosted a baby shower for maijken, who's been one of my best friends since college. we both moved to san francisco right after graduation; we've worked at three of the same companies together since sophomore year (we're really good at getting jobs for one other); and we were in each other's weddings. maijken and i are determined for evie and her baby girl (due july 7, maijken's birthday!) to someday be as close as we are.

the theme: bubbly and brunch
the colors: pink, white, gold

i love repurposing this old window from our wedding reception. in october, it was the backdrop to our seating chart. since then, it's been displayed in our front entryway and used for a few different parties. it just looks good, no matter the occasion!

the first time i saw wishes for baby cards was at my shower in 2011, and i fell in love with the sentiment. my friend even made them into a little book for me. sometimes evie and i look through the book, and i'm reminded of what great friends we have. i wanted to do the same for maijken.

you can't go wrong with a mimosa bar, right? we had bubbly with splashes of fresh grapefruit juice and raspberry lemonade. the mama-to-be added sparkling soda to her juice, and it was just as yummy.