Friday, April 5, 2013

these are a few of my favorite things

{1} toothbrush parties in the middle of the day, because someone loves brushing her teeth
{2} introducing my feet to spring
{3} snuggle time, even when it's in front of a basketball game
{4} making vanilla lattes with my totally awesome cappuccino maker 
{5} the first cherry blossoms of the season

{6} blazer games in the corporate suite (thanks, mom!)
{7} our wedding invitations from last year. i'm not always 100% satisfied with my diy projects, but i am with this one.
{8} this little person in general. just everything about her.
{9} the bacon bleu burger from fire on the mountain, a restaurant famous for its buffalo wings 
(not burgers)
{10} family time + silly photo ops
{11} our friday night tradition: pizza and wine at home

{12} oh, and jeff and evie jamming out on the keyboard, sharing their passion for music. i think that's my most favorite thing of all.

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  1. such a lovely collection of things! especially those cherry blossoms and toothbrush parties!

  2. We are loving cherry blossoms in dc! I'm intrigued by your eapresso maker. Those look good.

  3. that video is precious! one of my roommates is running the cherry blossom 10 miler in DC sunday, with the nice weather I bet it'll be so pretty I'm jealous haha

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. =) I am looking forward to checking your blog out.

  5. so cute.. my son used to love to brush too.. his tooth brush and toothpaste but greet each other and hug (not kidding) and then one day he claimed he was clean and no longer needed to brush.. argh.

  6. They got crazy talent:) haha all the things that are your favorite- rock!!:)

  7. Love the pink shoes and the wine and pizza night!