Sunday, April 21, 2013

meet freddie kruegar

this is fred, named after freddie kruegar because we got him on halloween and wanted to name him something spooky. i don't talk about him much. since evie was born, he's been like the harry potter of our family—forgotten, dismissed, stepped on a few times—and i've been like his evil stepmom. one time, jeff and i left for a long weekend in san francisco without giving jeff's parents, our cat sitters, a key to our house, leaving them no way to get in and feed poor freddie potter. so freddie went without food for three long days. lucky for him, i leave lots of half-drunk water glasses around the house because it's impossible to remember to bring them downstairs from my room or evie's room and put them in the dishwasher. i don't know why it's so darn hard to remember. but it is. and so freddie had plenty of water while we were off having a ball in san francisco. 

before evie was born, i couldn't get enough of fred. he would sit on my lap and purr in my ear and put his sweet paw on my shoulder to say hello. these days, he has to get my attention by clawing furniture, jumping on counters and darting through the house at full speed, completely wild. i give him as much attention as i can, but i know he's starving for more. he just wants to cuddle all the time. sometimes, when evie and i are reading in the play room, he watches us with big sad eyes and i know he's wishing he were the one on my lap.

i let evie feed him every once in awhile in hopes that he'll realize she's not an evil step-sister—she's a kind family member who loves him. but sometimes evie doesn't even try to pour the measuring cup-full of food into the bowl; she just dumps it right onto the kitchen floor. and so poor fred, who we're trying to show love, has to eat his scattered kibbles off every corner of the cold tile floor, one at a time. 

(just so you know, fred is curled up right next to me as i type. i'm not as evil as i sound.)

^^this is when i decided to put the camera down and prevent a giant mess^^

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  1. I can so relate! We had a dog that was our baby before we had a baby. =) I love the pictures of your little sweet heart feeding the cat! How cute!

  2. I am so worried that our cats will go out the door when I have a baby :( I am madly in love with one of them, she is just sooo sweet and the best cuddler ever (I sleep with my arm around her!...the other one is cute but not affectionate at all) and I will feel terrible if she goes on the back burner! It is probably impossible not to though, my sister in law said the same thing about her kitties! Poor pets!

  3. awww precious photos! I can totally relate... this sort of thing happened with our pups when my daughter came into the picture. Almost 5 years later and we had to re-home them :( but only because my youngest is very allergic!

    Now, my older gal is asking for a cat. We're just working on convincing her Dad ;)

  4. Haha I love the evolution of these pictures! Awesome and creative and of course, ADORABLE! What a fun Freddie kitty you have. Love the 'spooky' name:)

  5. Aw, Hi Freddie! I love cats. He and Evie are super cute together.

  6. Oh, this is too funny... we also have a sweet little black kitty cat that has somewhat become the forgotten child of the house. I know this sometimes happens with pets when furless children enter the picture. Reminds me to show some love to ours... little Lord Winston. =)

  7. OMG so you can relate to my post?! haha! so true how pets get treated like the pets that they are once the babies come!