Tuesday, April 16, 2013

looking for the good

today, i'm looking for the good in the bad. the happy in the sad. what makes me grateful, not hateful.

but it's hard.

i'm so angered by yesterday's events in Boston i could scream. i'm tired of the news, the never-ending stream of tragedies. i'm tired of wondering what kind of world my daughter will know when she's my age. will it be even scarier in twenty-five years? i don't want her to miss out on exciting events like marathons because she's worried about bombs exploding or guns firing. what kind of life is that?

since i can't stop tragedies or violence, i'll show my daughter how to be brave by teaching her to love others, to find the good in the bad. if she were old enough to understand what happened yesterday, i'd tell her about the civilians and first responders who helped. i'd talk about the exhausted marathoners who, after twenty-six miles, kept running to the nearest hospital to donate blood. i'd talk about all the brave spectators who ran toward the explosion to aid victims when others were running away from it. i’d tell her our world has many more good people than bad, and more beautiful things than ugly. 

but she's not old enough to understand just yet. 

so, instead of giving her my spiel, i'll simply remind myself of the good things that happened and the good people i encountered yesterday:

+ the fred meyer employee who laughed instead of scolded when evie put an avocado in her mouth and then put it back on the big pile of avocados

+ the man at pete's coffee who asked about evie's eye and told me not to worry about her upcoming surgery; his cousin had the same droopy lid, and the doctors gave the kid the best looking eyelid he's ever seen

+ the girl at work who brought in chocolates for everyone, just because sometimes you need chocolate on monday

+ all the bloggers who blogged about this very same thing, sending love and lifting spirits via the airwaves

sometimes i have to remind myself: there's so much love all around us every daythe news just doesn't report on it.

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  1. Bless you Meghan...you said what so many of us are feeling. I think about all those things too...and while my "kids" are my niece & nephew - the questions and worry is the same. I love your spirit and thank you for sharing a glimpse of your life!

  2. I've been in a little funk today about the whole thing, but this heartens me. I love you so much, Meghan. You are amazing.

  3. I love the sweetness and the simplicity of this post. thank you for that.

  4. It's hard to raise kids when we know how awful the world can be. My husband is a police officer and I hear tragic stories that are going on in my own backyard and it's horrible.

    But I have vowed to raise good boys. Boys that respect people. That want to work hard. That want to help. It's all we as parents can do.

  5. thank you for this beautiful post. :)

  6. I love that last line! "there's so much love all around us every day--the news just doesn't report on it" Amen. I truly believe that good will/does triumph over bad. If I didn't, why in the world would I be having children?

  7. It is so good to focus on the positive and remember the good in people. Maybe if the news did that, so many people wouldn't sensationalize hurting others and the fame that comes with it. When Facebook was covered with updates and news reports on Monday, a friend posted this:
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NQE_ISNIH5A. It's nice to get a little reminder sometimes.

    Thank you for sharing your positivity, Meghan :)

  8. Beautiful post. I had these same thoughts and this very tough conversation with my boys after Sandy Hook (I haven't broached the subject with Boston yet, I'm shielding them and it hasn't come up). I told them that despite the world having very bad people, there are always good people, and we just have to make sure we're one of them. Love will always win, especially if we model this for our kids. <3

  9. Really amazing post, Megs. We are all better people having read it.

  10. this is lovely. thanks for reminding us to stay happy