Sunday, April 14, 2013

in love with the coast all over again

i love the beauty and breadth of the oregon coast, the smell of saltwater and feel of grainy sand between my fingers. i love how the beach is never cluttered with sunbathers and the ocean never crawling with boogie-boarders. most of the time, the place is deserted, alive with its beauty alone. it's more powerful, more meaningful, more pure that way. when i look at the ocean, i feel like just a spec in a big, big worldand that feeling is pretty cool.

it was raining, windy and icy cold there this weekend, but instead of staying inside, we walked to the cafe for lattes and cinnamon rolls and moseyed along the beach. we forgot the stroller, so evie got some good walking in. (we also forgot my good camera. argh.) we cozied up by fires, cooked dinner, drank wine, and toasted to life and friendship and babies and more weekends like this.

evelyn was so pooped we put her to bed at 6:10 tonight.

{ it was awesome! }

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  1. Sounds like a perfect day (and one of the reasons I like Monterey's beaches as well).

  2. You have such a wonderful talent with words. I love the horizon on the beach too!

  3. I love the ocean. I wish we loved closer to the beach so we could enjoy the simple life!

  4. oh, it looks so lovely. evelyn looks like she was enjoying herself!

  5. Looks like such a nice, relaxing weekend. Oh how I missed the Oregon coast!

  6. those are the best weekends - the ones spent with good friends!