Friday, March 15, 2013

my power song

power song  \ˈpa(-ə)r\ \ˈsȯŋ\  noun  :  the song you play when you need extra motivation

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early this week, i needed that extra motivation—to smile, to sleep, to relax. i was bummed about evie's upcoming ptosis surgery and, in general, feeling pretty sorry for my little family.

i knew things could be infinitely worse, but i didn't care. my dad reminded me that some babies are born without ten fingers or ten toes, or blind or deaf, and that's life. evie's droopy eyelid (her pirate eye, he calls it) is part of what makes her unique.

although it was thoughtful and kind, his sentiment didn't help much.

what helped? was getting in my car at the end of the day and hearing my power song on the radio. it's a guilty power song; i'm kind of ashamed to admit it's the one that lifts my spirits and lends the motivation i need to get through the workday. but it is. jeff and i went to nine weddings last year (nine!), and i asked the dj to play it at every single one. in august, my sisters and i sang karaoke to it in front of our entire extended family, the night my grandmother hired a karaoke company to come to our vacation home in ocean city, new jersey for some good old-fashioned family fun. 

when i hear my power song, i think of my family on karaoke night and my friends who were married last year. it makes me jump up and down and belt out the words, off key, even if i'm stopped in traffic and the car windows are down and people are staring.  

that day i heard it on the radio on my drive home, i wanted to listen to it over and over and over again, but it's not on my ipod (because the radio station used to play it every 20 minutes). i tried to buy it from itunes while sitting at a red light, but i couldn’t remember my stupid password! so i settled for the one-minute preview on repeat.

and here’s my power song (please don't make fun of me):

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  1. love that song!!

    thanks for the blog comment...i'm your newest follower ;)

  2. Aww I can totally see why this is your power song! It' a very cute message!! I love when songs are tied to great memories :)

  3. Haha I love this song! I always feel guilty because I am certain the people in the next car can read my lips...

  4. I love this. Nothing gets me going when I get in my car at 6:15 each morning more than a good top 40 hit.

  5. Yes! I love this song! Wow, 9 weddings!? That sure is a lot!