Friday, March 22, 2013


dear evie, 
last night you were such a patient girl while mama made you try on ruffly dress after ruffly dress in search of the perfect easter outfit. i know how much you hated the one with the pink tutu and lifelike ice cream cone on the front.

dear boot camp class,
i'm so happy tomorrow is the last time i'll have to go to you. you've kicked my butt every saturday for the last two months. i think i'll take a nice and easy step aerobics class next time instead.

dear spring,
are you here or aren't you? you get my hopes up with your beautiful weather one day and then give us freezing rain and wind the next. not cool.

dear jeff,
thank you for cooking dinner last night while i worked out in the living room to my nike training club iphone app. i'm sure i looked ridiculous curling cans of diced tomatoes and attempting those burpees and sumo squats, but you cheered me on anyway. and the steak and swiss chard you whipped up was such a tasty reward for burning all those cals.

i'm so happy i didn't watch you yesterday and chose to save you for tonight. things are getting pretty intense now that elaina's turned off her emotions. 

dear baby sister caitlin, 
happy {early} birthday! and congratulations on landing your first job. this year is sure to be a great one.

dear arms and legs,
you need a tan. i bet you're looking forward to our beach trip to balboa island the week of memorial day! i sure am.

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  1. Yeah I'm pretty sure the groundhog played an early april fools on all of us. I want to go outside without my winter jacket on! Have a great weekend :)

  2. What I wouldn't give to see green grass right now and for Spring to be here! I am sick of all the snow!

    I totally hear you on the white legs and arms! This scandianavian Minnesotan needs a TAN.

  3. Wish I could go to boot camp WITH you!!!

  4. holy crap the vampire diaries! There is one scene with klaus I was all jaw dropping because of what he said to someone...

  5. Your little girl is adorable!! Also love Vampire Diaries and yes it is intense! Wondering if they will have Elena go back to normal soon?! Oh and we live right by Balboa Island!! You will have a blast on your vacation and the weather out here has been amazing lately! :)

  6. I just love coming to your blog! Makes me smile:) Great stuff.

  7. loving vampire diaries.. so intense.. I like elena this way.. she's more fun and less whinny.. next weeks episode should be so good.
    can;t wait to see evie in her easter dress..
    ah a husband who can cook.. lucky you