Wednesday, March 13, 2013

lately in iphone pictures

{1} we spent part of yesterday afternoon on the front porch bench, rocking and listening to the birds. we love you, spring! 
{2} our rustic entryway. 
{3} when evie wakes up from a nap, she doesn't like to get right up and get on with her day. she likes to hang out in her crib for awhile with some good books and a few of her best stuffed animal friends. it's pretty funny. instead of taking advantage of the extra 15 minutes, i usually just sit in my bedroom and listen to her chattering through the monitor. 
{4} pretty excited about my new wedge sneakers! wish i could wear them every day.
{5} swimming lessons with daddy.
{6} stopping to smell the daffodils on a sunny day. so glad evie's reminded me to do that every now and then.
{7} date night! at a concert in portland.
{8} our cat fred, looking especially irritated about the camera in his face.
{9} out of the blue, i told a coworker how much i loved her zucchini cake (it's literally the best thing i've ever tasted), and the next morning a gigantic piece of it was sitting at my desk. such a sweet surprise. 

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  1. Who likes to get up right away? I wish I could play a while before I get up! haha, adorable pics!

  2. OMG(osh) you and your family are SO adorable. I'm following you back from the Weekend Blog Hop Till You Drop.

  3. OMG, I love zucchini cake too! That looks amazing! And, Tinley does the same thing after a nap, it's so funny. Normally I try to get in a few last minutes of cleaning or getting ready myself, but sometimes I can't help but go peek in and watch her roll around with her animals.

  4. I'm with Evie on laying around in bed for a few definitely helps greet the day ;) She looks so happy in the pool!

  5. you make life look wonderful! fun pics!!!
    happy weekend!

  6. oh you and your family are just too cute!! and cat friend is NOT happy

  7. So fun ! I had no idea you lived so close, I love the pic of her stopping to smell the flowers, adorable!