Monday, March 11, 2013

jamming out

jeff has started playing the guitar again. 

evie has started copying everything we do. 
{we laugh, she laughs. we cough, she coughs. we kiss, she puckers up.}

put the the two of them together? and this is what you get.

be still my heart.

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  1. this post has me smiles ... i just love this :)

  2. evie is too cute jamming out with papa!! what a wonderful time for the two of them to spend together

  3. Here is the guitar that I told you about on Instagram that we got our 1 year old nephew for Xmas. He loves it and plays it right next to his daddy while he plays his guitar :) I am sure Evie would love it too!

  4. oh boo, just saw it is sold out! but there are tons of other good ones on the "customers who viewed" at the bottom of the page

    1. thanks so much, libby! i know evie would love one of these. :)

  5. Get her a guitar! Our 3 year old loves jamming out on hers. You'll be having family sing-a-longs in no time.

  6. Those are the sweetest pics:)
    Congrats on receiving the Liebster award from Angela...such a beautiful blog - I can totally understand why you were nominated!
    To celebrate, I'm following my fellow nominees!
    Yay You!

  7. this is absolutely adorable, i love seeing the interaction between father and daughter too cute! has he written a song for evie?

  8. This is the cutest thing EVER! What a sweet family you have, Megs.

  9. Such sweet photos. :) Beautiful family you have.