Wednesday, March 27, 2013

a cheesy twist on tradition

yesterday i stumbled across an easter project that looked so easy and adorable i just had to copy it—and take all the credit for it. no one (except you guys) has to know i didn't dream this up myself, mmmmkay?

here's the inspiration:

 and here's my version:

i love these cheeto "carrots" because they're such a fun (and cheesy!) twist on traditional easter-basket goodies like chocolates and peeps. and they were absurdly easy to make. i just bought some triangular cake-decorating bags at michael's, filled them with cheetos and tied them with green curling ribbon. i printed 20 or so of these cute, free easter tags on brown card stock and attached one to each bag.

my cheesy "carrots" are going to coworkers, nieces and nephews, and maybe even some lucky kiddos at evie's daycare. (i'm sure their parents will just love me for handing out cheetos.)