Tuesday, February 19, 2013

what's up with babies and remotes?

is evie the only one, or does your kid love pushing buttons too? if there's a remote (or anything with buttons) around, this girl will sniff it out and keep a strong hold on it until her next meal, when she needs free hands to feed herself.

the type of remote doesn't matter. she's satisfied with a tv remote (i remove the batteries first; learned that the hard way), wii remote, overhead fan remoteyou name it. there's just something about pushing buttons that really does it for her. oh, and if a light turns on when a button is pushed (like that little red one on the comcast remote)? she's in heaven. 

the battery-free tv remote goes many, many places with us these days. (exhibit a: top middle photo.)

do you ever pack an entire diaper bag of toys and then notice your tot is most interested in your wallet, keys, crinkly package of baby wipesand the remote? gah! really (really, really!) don't understand what's better about a remote than all the awesome toys flooding evie's playroom. 

but i have to admit, it's pretty fun to watch her little face light up when she pushes those buttons. sometimes when i watch her, i wish our adult lives, too, were simple enough that we could rejoice over buttons: no worries, no fears. just innocence and happiness to the very core. 

^^forget about this really educational toy you spent a fortune on, mama. if there's no remote around, i'll just find an iphone to play with. thanks!^^ 

(we try not to let evie play with our phones, but sometimes there's one laying around and she snatches it up while we blink.)

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  1. yes, babies and gadgets! lol but the REAL ones! none of mine ever wanted a toy one - no fooling around there :)

  2. i was gonna ask the batteries were removed first right? i could only imagine the press o the volume button until it is max and then scaring poor evie

  3. I used to have a parrot that also used to be obsessed with the remotes. He used to fly around the living room looking for them, haha!

  4. Buttons and wires! I told my son when he was about one that he was lucky because his kids probably won't have any wires around to chew on!

    Also, please take the name change in my blog title as a compliment. I've been meaning to change it for a long time. I've mulled it over and over and before I had found your blog it's what I had decided on: a blog name from my perspective about all the things I love, written with love for my family.

  5. Yep, my son was the same way...actually, I don't think he ever grew out of it. He's taught me how to use my iphone a few times and on how to control the "fancy" remote that my husband set up (that is unfortunately, a bit too over my head - I married an IT guy that doesn't like keeping things simple). So I guess I'm grateful for my son's interest in those gadgets!

    And don't you just love those cheeky little grins when your child thinks they've stumbled upon the best gadget of all! Heart.Melting.

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    PS: your blog is freaking adorable!! Newest follower :)

  7. that is sooooo true!! all my little nieces and neph's first and foremost grab my remote when they come over!!! I always wipe that thing down with clorox wipes b/c I never know who's coming over and who's stuffing the remotes in their mouths :)