Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Bachelor with a side of Potato

It's no secret I love The Bachelor. For years, my girlfriends and I have gathered every week to eat, drink and watch poor girls suffer through the process of finding love on national television. We used to be happy watching with a greasy pizza and a $5 bottle of wine, but as our viewing group grew and we got older and got married and had babies and actually learned to enjoy cooking, our pizza era ended. Now, everyone meets at our house each week (we have a baby who goes to bed at 7pm, so, you know) and we take turns cooking real dinners for the group. 

Last night was my turn to cook. I set up a baked potato bar with different topping combinations—one was pizza inspired, one was breakfast inspired, and one was Greek inspired—and made a spinach salad with bacon and aged white-cheddar dressing.

The food and company is even better than the show.

(Can you believe it about Lesley M.? Dang!)

(at least she didn't take tierra's sparkle.)

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  1. Those are fabulous toppings for potatoes! What a fun tradition.

  2. Oh that food looks delicious! You are making me hungry! yum yum yum! I took love the bachelor, but I haven't been watching this season... I better catch up!

    I am your newest follower and I look forward to future posts :)

    I am going to follow you via bloglovin!

  3. Aaaa...mouthwatering! So so hungry can't beat a baked potato!

  4. sad we missed it this week. Looks delish!!!

  5. Those potatoes are making my mouth water!

  6. This is such a cute and delicious idea!! I mean, who doesn't love a good baked potato!! I may have to steal this idea for dinner sometime :-)

  7. Love it! And potato bar?! Just like the dg days :)