Friday, February 1, 2013

{the ceremony}

for weeks the weatherman told me it'd rain on my wedding day. and, after a few minor panic attacks, i was totally fine with it (it's good luck, right?). on the big day, i woke up to a dramatic, threatening sky, but instead of worrying about my poor guests getting soaked during the ceremony (we didn't really have a plan b; it'd be outside no matter what!), i thought about jeff. i thought about how today i'd marry the love of my life, the father of my beautiful baby girl. i thought about how my guests might have to sit in the rain to witness it, but darn it i would marry jeff today. outside. under a beautiful, colorful tree. and it'd be perfect.

well, the local weatherman was wrong. by 3pm the sky opened up and the sun was warm on our backs. we couldn't believe it. also around 3pm, my stomach began to churn. not at the thought of getting married, but at the thought of getting up in front of 175 people and reciting my vows. (public speaking is scary.) time flew and  suddenly it was 4:30, and our wedding planner was telling us to hurry and get outside because everyone was waiting and the music was playing and it was time to get married.

time to get married.

i was drowning in emotion. i was happy and scared and excited and nervous all at once, and i knew no other way to show it but through tears. for some reason, looking at my dad made me cry even harder. i didn't feel like i was leaving him (i'd already transformed from a daughter to a grown-up and responsible parent when evelyn was born), but there's just something about girls and their dads. i can't explain it. 

i don't remember much after that. everyone says the wind was enchanting (not kidding, there was a mini tornado happening during the ceremony). one of my bridesmaids told me a huge leaf flew out of the sky and slapped her in the face, and everyone chuckled. i don't remember that either. while jeff and I promised to love and honor each other, our guests snuggled under wool blankets and sipped big glasses of red wine. they were cold, but it was perfect. just like I knew it would be.

it started pouring 15 minutes after this photo was taken, after the ceremony was over. thank you, guardian angels.

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  1. Meghan, I had the biggest smile on my face reliving this day! It really was as sweet and perfect as you described.

  2. everything about this is so lovely. And you look beyond beautiful!

  3. oh you looks so absolutely stunning..
    I love the signs.. such a lovely touch of whimsy