Sunday, February 24, 2013

my song

my husband is a super talented musician. he used to perform at local bars and restaurants, the lead singer and keyboardist in a band of four, and i would watch every weekend. it's one of the few things i miss about my life pre-baby. back then, i dreamt of what our wedding would be like. i imagined jeff stopping the ceremony to perform a song for me on the keyboard, in front of everyone, declaring his love in the most romantic way possible. maybe he'd do a little choreographed dance, too. (only after our wedding did i realize this only happens in the movies.) 

i know it's a lot to ask of a man on his wedding day. for months leading up to our wedding, instead of seriously asking, i made lots of jokes about how funny (read: awesome) it'd be for jeff to sing his vows to me instead of just recite them like every other boring groom. jeff got the hint.

as a wedding gift, he wrote me the most beautiful song in the world and played it with a slideshow at our rehearsal dinner. (so much classier than a mid-ceremony song and dance.) i just listened to it again this weekend, and i love it so much that i can't not share it with you. 


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  1. Wonderful talent! Thanks for sharing your song. Love the picture of you two- so sweet!!

  2. What a beautiful song! That is just so sweet. :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  3. This is so precious! Someday my hubby will write me a song... ;-)

  4. I can't wait to listen! Baby is napping but I'm excited to hear it.

    It's amazing how sweet it is what he did! I love this kind of stuff!

  5. oh my gosh meghan absolutely precious! how sweet!