Tuesday, February 19, 2013

❄ check out the hunk in the snow gear! ❄

jeff and two buddies took a boys' trip to mt. hood on sunday. 
he looks pretty good in his snow gear, eh?

(just now i'm noticing he's wearing my sunglasses, my backpack and my camera.)

(no wonder i think he looks so snazzy!)

since there were no girls allowed, i really don't have much to say except some snowshoeing happened. but i wanted to share these awesome photos from the guys' little adventure. jeff's pretty good with my camera, isn't he?

while the guys were out snowshoeing, evie and i enjoyed the portland sunshine, a stroll to the duck pond and a warm latte from our neighborhood cafe (well, i enjoyed the latte while evie devoured a big cup of milk). it was kind of fun, just the two of us.

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  1. after all that snow you definitely need a sunny california vacation for sure!! looks like you and evie had a wonderful girl day together

  2. you're little girl is unreal cute! gosh i miss the northwest and taking hiking trips like that. shoot. love your blog girl!

  3. evie is such a cutie! so nice for you and the bebe to spend a little time together while your man spent some time with his boys

  4. love the atmosphere of this blog!!!

  5. She is adorable. Love your blog!

  6. amazing pictures!