Monday, February 18, 2013

{fancy up} saturday night

on saturday our friends didn't just have us over for dinner. they planned an elaborate cocktail hour with charcuterie trays and a full bar, they put flowers and candles on the tables, and they cooked salmon and a big pot roast to perfection. the best part was the girls wore dresses and they guys wore ties. it was just like being at a fancy restaurant, but without the crowds or wait time. such a fun {and delicious} idea for a saturday night mixer! 

but that wasn't even the best part of my weekend. the best part? was last night, when evelyn looked at me from across the room, pointed, and said, "ma-ma" for the first time. it was the sweetest thing i've ever heard. my fragile little heart melted and skipped at the same time. {your heart gets fragile and you turn all mushy when you become a mama.}

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

diy ❤ valentine's day snack gifts

it's my first valentine's day as a wife. you'd think i'd get all mushy about it, maybe buy jeff a big stuffed bear that says "i love you" when you squeeze it or bake him an extra-large batch of heart-shaped cookies.


instead i almost forgot all about him. i got so caught up making *the perfect* valentine's gifts for evie's friends at daycare that it didn't cross my mind to do something for my husband, too (until yesterday; i have something up my sleeve now)!  

for evie's friends, i made a yummy snack mix and packaged it in a short 8oz mason jar with festive fabric and a homemade label.

in the mix:

frosted cheerios
strawberry shredded wheat
gerber yogurt melts

i hope the kiddos like it!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

here's to single mamas + a really cool book

my sister gave me this book for christmas. it's filled with questions for me to answer, for evie to read someday. questions include: what's the best thing your mom or dad taught you? what kind of house did you grow up in? what rules did your parents have that drove you crazy? who was your favorite pet? how do you want future generations of your family to remember you?

i love this book!

with it, i get to create a little family heirloom and help my kids (and future grandkids, i hope) get to know me better. but the best part is, when i write in it, i'm reliving my favorite childhood experiences. tonight, i wrote about my childhood pet: a sweet golden retriever named dolly.

all you moms out there? go get this book and start writing! or start your own journal to share with your family someday. i so wish i had something like this from my mom or grandma.

 speaking of moms, i want to applaud all the single working mamas out there. i have a great and newfound respect for you! jeff has been out of town on business the past few days, and *holy cow* this single-parenting thing is t-o-u-g-h. yesterday? went something like this:

5:30am roll out of bed. shower. get ready for the day.
6:30am scarf down a bowl of granola.
6:45am notice evie on the video monitor awake and babbling sweetly to her stuffed animals.
6:50am change evie's diaper, get her dressed, brush her hair and teeth, and throw her blanket in the diaper bag that i packed the night before.
7:15am haul evie, her diaper bag, my computer bag, my purse and my lunch bag to the car.
7:40am arrive at daycare. evie's kicking and screaming in protest. i know she'll be fine in a few minutes, after the drop-off is done, but my heart breaks anyway. 
8:10am arrive at work.
8:30am-12pm meetings to attend. deadlines to meet. emails to write. 
Lunch: i remember we're almost out of diapers. jeff's not home, which means i probably won't get a chance to run to the store tonight. i spend lunch at Fred Meyer, shopping for diapers and drain-o. (right after jeff left, the bathroom sink clogged. ah!)
1-4:30pm more meetings, deadlines, emails.
4:30pm leave to pick up evie.
5pm arrive at daycare. evie's crying (this time because she's happy to see me?).
5:30pm arrive home. unpack the car while my happy girl plays with my keys in the doorway.
5:40pm make a delicious and nutritious meal for the munchkin (last night it was salmon, baked potato and corn).
6:15pm bath time! brush teeth, brush hair, pajamas on.
6:45pm read books, cuddle and sing twinkle twinkle little star a few times.
7pm lights out
7:05pm dishwasher's full and the sink is filled with dirty dishes. take care of that.
7:25pm vacuum (because it gets pretty dirty around here when someone thinks throwing her food on the floor is hilarious).
7:40pm oh yeah, dinner! i have a salmon salad with sides of potato and corn.
8:15pm steam veggies for evie and get her diaper bag ready for tomorrow
8:35pm conquer a few more chores: fold laundry and clean the kitty litter box (someone's gotta do it).
8:50pm pour a big glass of wine and watch the bachelor.
9:50pm well, bits and pieces of the bachelor. having a hard time staying awake.
10pm bed.
3am evie's awake and coughing badly, a lingering symptom of last week's cold. she doesn't stop, so i go to the kitchen for some water. i rock her for awhile, offering her sips of water and humming her favorite lullaby.
4am everyone's back to sleep.
5:30am roll out of bed. shower.

single working mamas, how do you do it every day? serious kudos to you. your little ones don't know how lucky they are.

Monday, February 4, 2013

our rustic country wedding {the reception}

our reception went by fast. like, scary fast. everyone told me it would, but i still wasn't prepared for how many people i'd want to talk to (and dance with, and drink with, and take pictures in the photo booth with) in such a short amount of time.
we made our big entrance and started to dance the dance that we'd practiced for weeks. we took three private lessons determined *not* to dance the standard first wedding dance (the clutch and sway, as i've coined it). to the song give me love by ed sheeran, we demonstrated a little lift, a little twirl, a little dip. i pretended i was on dancing with the stars.

and then there was dinner. i don't think i ate two bites because, you know, evie had to eat and then it was time to get up and mingle. (i heard the food was delicious!)
on the menu...

hors d’oeuvres

fall soup shooters

bbq meatballs

brushetta pomodora
tomato, basil and capers on crostini
with goat cheese sprinkles


broccoli bacon pea
crunchy bacon, dried cranberries, peas
and broccoli in honey mustard dressing

the barnyard
greens, blue cheese, fresh berries
and sugared walnuts
in huckleberry vinaigrette

country caesar
romaine hearts, parmesan, tomato
and croutons

fresh fruit and berries
all the best from the local
farmer’s market


roasted pork loin
with yams and roasted fingerling

chicken picatta
lightly breaded and sautéed with lemons, wine and capers, 
served over wild rice

mac n cheese
deliciously down-home and
unbelievably cheesy

Friday, February 1, 2013

{the ceremony}

for weeks the weatherman told me it'd rain on my wedding day. and, after a few minor panic attacks, i was totally fine with it (it's good luck, right?). on the big day, i woke up to a dramatic, threatening sky, but instead of worrying about my poor guests getting soaked during the ceremony (we didn't really have a plan b; it'd be outside no matter what!), i thought about jeff. i thought about how today i'd marry the love of my life, the father of my beautiful baby girl. i thought about how my guests might have to sit in the rain to witness it, but darn it i would marry jeff today. outside. under a beautiful, colorful tree. and it'd be perfect.

well, the local weatherman was wrong. by 3pm the sky opened up and the sun was warm on our backs. we couldn't believe it. also around 3pm, my stomach began to churn. not at the thought of getting married, but at the thought of getting up in front of 175 people and reciting my vows. (public speaking is scary.) time flew and  suddenly it was 4:30, and our wedding planner was telling us to hurry and get outside because everyone was waiting and the music was playing and it was time to get married.

time to get married.

i was drowning in emotion. i was happy and scared and excited and nervous all at once, and i knew no other way to show it but through tears. for some reason, looking at my dad made me cry even harder. i didn't feel like i was leaving him (i'd already transformed from a daughter to a grown-up and responsible parent when evelyn was born), but there's just something about girls and their dads. i can't explain it. 

i don't remember much after that. everyone says the wind was enchanting (not kidding, there was a mini tornado happening during the ceremony). one of my bridesmaids told me a huge leaf flew out of the sky and slapped her in the face, and everyone chuckled. i don't remember that either. while jeff and I promised to love and honor each other, our guests snuggled under wool blankets and sipped big glasses of red wine. they were cold, but it was perfect. just like I knew it would be.

it started pouring 15 minutes after this photo was taken, after the ceremony was over. thank you, guardian angels.