Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Lady Who Lunches

this girl just loves to eat. i'm pretty sure she'd rather eat than do anything else in the entire world. she's a year old and has yet to refuse a single food: artichoke, spicy chicken curry, eggplant, blue cheese, raw onions (!)she likes it all. yesterday, jeff gave her tuna and veggies slopped in three-pepper hummus and she practically licked the plate clean.

evie always has a lot of fun at mealtime. she makes a silly 'mmmm' sound if something's *really* good, and if something's just so-so, she's usually willing to share. she thinks it's pretty funny to feed her peas and carrots to mama. that's what she's attempting to do here...

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  1. She is just too cute :) Score that she eats everything!

  2. Oh my goodness!!! I couldn't help but smile looking at these photos!

  3. Aww she's soo cute :D and those teeth :D beautiful baby :)
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  4. I seriously cant believe she eats so well, it is amazing!