Monday, January 21, 2013

life, lately

^^hey, mom! watch me drop your iphone over and over again!^^

^^mommy and daddy got married in october^^

^^we took an incredible honeymoon to san jose del cabo^^

^^our baby turned into a toddler overnight^^

^^daddy and evie looked long and hard for the perfect christmas tree^^ 

^^we spent a long weekend in beautiful san francisco^^

^^we colored and read a lot of books.^^ 

^^evie started swimming lessons. she loved being in the water with the other babies!^^

^^i redecorated the play room^^

^^and jeff and i have been enjoying the challenge of keeping up with a toddler!^^

more to come on all of the above!

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  1. Yay, you're back! What a lovely recap :) Can't wait for more! xoxo

  2. New follower! Love those pillows in your playroom! How old is your daughter? My little girl will be one in March.

    Xo, B

  3. Meghan!!!! I miss you so much! I love all of these pictures and the new design :) I'll shoot you an email soon so we can catch up!

  4. so glad to see a post from you meghan and i love catching up on your life through the past year in this post! a lot of wonderful things happened for you this year and i hope 2013 is even better!! and evie has such beautiful red hair!!

  5. I am LOVING those pillows! Perfect for a playroom. The colors are amazing. Also, we have the same iPhone case - I love mine. Don't you?

  6. I spy Cabo Azul! What a fun year, Meghan. Your little girl sure is adorable!