Thursday, January 31, 2013

{the details}

the dress
made with love by my incredibly talented mother

the bridesmaid dresses
the only requirement: they had to be yellow. two were handmade by moms, two were from, and two were from forever 21. 

the rings
jeff's belonged to his maternal grandfather.
mine belonged to jeff's great-grandmother (married in 1902).

the hashtag
go on, check it out!

the wishing stones
while we exchanged vows, each guest held a small stone in their hand and took a moment to silently send well wishes and happy thoughts to us. after the ceremony, the guests put their stones in a pretty glass vase that we now display in our home. every day, it reminds us of the vows we took and the love that was present on our wedding day.

the favors
homemade jam (thanks to our parents for putting in the long hours!): strawberry, blackberry, raspberry and triple berry

the cake
october calls for pumpkin everything. so we served pumpkin, hazelnut, carrot and tollhouse chocolate chip wedding cake. something for everybody! 

the star of the show
baby evelyn (10 months)

*  *  *

Photos 1-14, 24-28, 30 and 32 by vic garcia photography 

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

the day *before* the big day

today, my friend and bridesmaid liz sent me some photos of our wedding rehearsal and dinner (she's so stinking good with her camera!), so i thought i'd share them with the world. 

so, the wedding! jeff and i got married on a farm. in october. in oregon. sounds like a recipe for disaster when you're planning an *outdoor* ceremony, doesn't it? well, on the day of the rehearsal, the weather was beyond compare. warm and sunny without a single threatening cloud. (the wedding day is a different story. stay tuned for that one!) 

my bridesmaids and i kicked off the big day *before* the big day at oasis nail and day spa in nw portland. before everyone arrived for manis and pedis (and mimosas), i put a bridesmaid's gift on every chair. the gift? a bottle of champagne, a new pair of nike shoes, a handmade makeup bag (in our wedding colors, of course), a silly wedding-themed book (titles included "an accidental wedding" and "always a bridesmaid"), and a gift certificate for a manicure and pedicureall tucked in a canvas bag with the bridesmaid's initials embroidered on it. 

^^i'm getting married tomorrow! wheeee!^^

later that afternoon, with fresh nails and a good buzz (i swear those mimosas were all champagne), the girls and i checked in to the hotel where we'd be staying that night and changed for the rehearsal. 

^^love this rehearsal dress^^

^^my maid of honor. (not really. but pretty much.)^^

^^this girl slept through the whole dinner. (how do babies do it?)^^

^^the greatest friends ever^^

Sunday, January 27, 2013

because a sunday isn't complete without brunch.

one of our favorite things to do on the weekends is try new restaurants for brunch. in a couple years, our hope is to live in a new neighborhood with plenty of brunch places within strolling distance. (most people with young children worry about school districts and things. but not us. we're concerned about the brunch.) 

this weekend we tried irving street kitchen. the decor is so beautifully rustic and charming it almost doesn't matter what the food tastes like (it's insanely good, by the way). i fell in love with the industrial chandeliers and cozy fireplace reminiscent of a lodge tucked away in the woods. i had a tasty dutch pancake with bacon and cheese. other menu items around our table ranged from chicken and waffles to sauteed swiss chard to a mexican scramble. mm-mm.

with a baby, it's much harder than it used to be to get out of the house (before 11am) for a downtown breakfast. but we're crazy and will do anything for good food.