Sunday, December 22, 2013

Evelyn is Two!

at two years old, evie loves dressing up, tea parties, singing, dancing, bath time, sesame street and reading books. her favorite song to sing is old macdonald had a farm (but now that it's christmas time, her new favorites are jingle bells and jingle bell rock). her favorite tv show is the wiggles. her latest best quotes: (1) "that's daddy. it's name is jeff." (2) "i'm so happy." (3) "daddy's laying on a elephant!"

since evie's really into sesame street—the characters, the books, everything—it wasn't hard to come up with a birthday party theme this year.

there were mostly adults at the party, which made me feel a bit silly for putting so much effort into the sesame street decor, but i like to think evie appreciated it. for the kiddos (there were five kids ages two through six, plus two babies) i set up a kids' station: a table covered with crayons, sesame street coloring books, sesame street puzzles, stuffed animals, stickers, board books and more.

we gave each kid a sesame street party favor. the big kids got crayons, goldfish, cookies and sesame street stickers, and the babies got a sesame street board book, sesame street bath bubbles and an elmo bath book.

evie told me her favorite part of the party was getting to eat a cupcake. not opening a zillion presents or playing with her friends or getting to see all of her favorite family members. eating a cupcake. she about peed her pants when everyone sang happy birthday to her, she was so excited. it was really fun to see her like that.

no birthday party is complete until the birthday girl gets a new bike, right? our friends gave evie this cute little training bike to scoot around on, and even though evie's legs aren't quite long enough yet, she absolutely loves it. 

happy birthday, evie girl! the past two years have been the most meaningful and rewarding of my life—and i hear they only get better from here. i don't know how that could be, but i can't wait to find out. i love you all the world!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Hawaiian Wedding

jeff cries at every wedding we go to. (he's a softie, and i love him for it.) i cry sometimes, when the couple writes their own vows like our friends mike and lauren did. they had an intimate little wedding in kailua-kona, with about twenty guests. i was loving the vibe. we actually got to hang out with them for a couple days before they got married, and we got to talk to them—to the bride and groom!—at the wedding. at so many of our friends' weddings (and at ours), the bride and groom are too busy thanking all of their guests (and dancing for their guests, and giving toasts, and so on) to have meaningful, personal conversations with anyone. this was completely different. we felt like such a big part of mike and lauren's special day.

they were so happy, it was contagious. lauren didn't care that her dress was three inches too long or that she didn't know how to tie the bustle. she didn't care about her heels sinking into the grass or the torrential downpour during dinner. she smiled so wide, and mike smiled just as big, and they laughed and celebrated with family and friends all evening. 

after cocktails at sunset, we had dinner at a cute little restaurant nearby. it rained like crazy. we were outside under a tin roof that couldn't protect us. some of us had to get up and move to the other side of the table, so we all squeezed together, which made everything even more romantic and memorable. the whole day was just so natural, and happy.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Pigs 'n' Pumpkins

this weekend was reserved for time outside. we were blessed with gorgeous, warm weather, so we decided to drive forty minutes out to the middle of nowhere to pick pumpkins and watch pigs race. (ever been to a pig race? we hadn't!) for those of you who don't know, forty minutes of driving with a toddler in the backseat equals a whole lot of cheerios—smashed into the seat, wedged in the door. they're everywhere in our car. but the gorgeous weather meant we were all in great moods, and this time i didn't care about the mess.  

evie was totally into the pig races. she clapped her hands and cheered, "again! again!" each time a race ended. i don't think she knew pigs could move so fast or squeal so loudly. (i don't think i did, either.) 

even more entertaining than the pig races were a giant tunnel slide...

...and a "pig train" ride.

just look at evie go! sometimes i hardly recognize this big girl.
happy october, friends.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Buried in Berries

on sunday, while jeff was busy installing our new baseboards (fun, right?), evie and i picked berries at a nearby farm with friends. evie absolutely loved pulling the berries off the bushes and dropping them in the bucket (the little girls were so cute with their giant buckets!)—but she loved eating them more. she definitely ate more than she picked. when it got close to snack time and her tummy started rumbling, she devoured them by the handful! i'm pretty sure we brought home half as many as we picked.