Tuesday, February 14, 2012

will you be my valentine? love, evie.

some days it's hard for jeff and me to resist dressing our two-month-old baby in one of her ruffly outfits and spending the entire morning snapping photos. we prop her on the couch or changing pad, one of us with the camera and the other making silly faces, trying to coax a smile. she doesn't always have as much fun as we do, though, so we have colorful rattles and pacifiers handy if she gets fussy. 

is that horrible?

i know we can't be the only new parents with this obsession!

besides, at this time in our lives, i consider us evie's support staff. she eats, sleeps and poops whenever she darn well pleases, and jeff and i are around to feed her and clean her and rock her to dreamland. so it's not like we have lives outside of the house right now, anyway.

here are some photos from our valentine's day shoot. :)

Friday, February 3, 2012

all there is to blog about is spaghetti sauce.

today was sort of a miracle. i wasn't tired! last night, evelyn slept for four straight hours, woke up at 2:30 a.m. for a quick feeding, and then went back to sleep for three more blissful hours. ahhhh. i'm completely refreshed.

so this afternoon while the little babe slept, i didn't nap. i didn't clean. i didn't pump milk into bottles like a cow. nope. instead i decided to make spaghetti sauce {with beef and sausage} in the crock pot. the house smells ah-ma-zing. freddie the cat thinks so, too. {check out the photos.}

and tonight? is date night!

{thank you for watching evie, mike and ginann!}

{and thanks, evie, for all the sleep you gave us last night!}

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

my (diaper) bag of tricks

it's official. the longchamp bag i once called my purse is now known as the diaper bag. it no longer contains lipstick, nail polish or menus from the downtown restaurants i've tried recently. instead it looks like a "babies r us" exploded in there.

here are some of my new essentials:

1. hand sanitizer. because you never know who's gonna want to touch your baby's face and hands after eating a greasy meal or handling money or something. (having a baby has made me a complete germ-a-phobe.)
2. this fun, vibrating rattle. evie will be grasping at objects any day now (according to my mom and my daily "what to expect the first year" emails!), so i keep this interactive rattle handy just in case she's feeling grabby.
3. a nuk pacifier. often the most important item in the diaper bag. (not even a dry diaper can calm evie down like this baby can!)
4. wipes in this cute case. (self explanatory.)
5. a change of clothes. evie's already blown through more diapers and onesies than i ever thought possible. 
6. newborn diapers.
7. a digital video camera to capture all the coos and gurgles.
8. nursing pads. (darn you, leaky nipples.)
9. a super cozy hat to cover evie's head and ears on our winter strolls.
10. boudreaux's butt paste for those nasty diaper rashes.
11. one of these aden + anais bamboo swaddle blankets
12. my trusty iphone (+ siri), who helps me when i have questions like "how much sleep should a six-week-old get?" and "is projectile spit-up normal!?" 
13. a homemade burp cloth. it's a cloth diaper with a fun fabric sewn down the center.

what's in your diaper bag? :)