Wednesday, November 2, 2011

i'm on fire!

like wildfire, this blog on fire award is spreading through the blogosphere at deadly speed. i'm not sure where or how it originated, but for whatever reason, mandee has decided to nominate me. {thanks, mandee!} i think it means she likes my blog! to accept it, i'm supposed to share seven things about myself (that you would otherwise go your whole life not knowing and probably not caring to know). so here goes...

1) i played varsity basketball in high school. people are usually in disbelief when i talk about my glory days—i'm only 5'3" and definitely not the most aggressive girl in the worldbut it's true. oh! and i can still beat jeff at one-on-one.

2) the only real pregnancy-induced craving i've had is for french dips. for salty meat dipped in dripping au jus. oh. my. gawd. i order one every chance i get. and before pregnancy i didn't even like french dips that much.

3) i have two younger sisters, christyn and caitlin, and because of them i can't imagine having fewer than three kids! i mean, how much fun can it be to grow up with only one partner in crime?

4) i feel the prettiest when i'm happyand when i have a shellac manicure.

5) jeff and i moved into a new house this past summer, and we're still working on it. in fact, he's upstairs painting the bedroom now. after our fair share of diy projects we're just about ready to have friends over, but man does a new house take a long time to get ready!

6) my family takes a trip to the jersey shore every summer to visit my grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. (and no, it's not at all like what you see on tv.) it's one of my favorite places in the world.

7) my dream is to write and publish a book (or two, or three). i just need a brilliant idea to get me started.

okay, now for the fun part! i get to pass this rapidly spreading award onto some of my favorite bloggers. drum roll, please...

liz @ explore. dream. discover. is not only one of my best friends but also one of the best bloggers out there! she recently moved to amsterdam and is busy traveling and documenting her adventures in europe. check her out!

with motherhood quickly approaching, i've taken up reading lots of "mommy blogs," as i like to call them. my favorite is just us. lindsay is a young, gorgeous mother and wife with the cutest little family. she posts regularly about her life in san diego.

stephanie @ beautiful mess is such a hoot, i'm put in a good mood every time i read her posts!  she's a newlywed with lots of captivating and comical stories to tell.

with all the decorating and diy-ing i've been doing these days, i'm thankful to have someone like sherry @ oh so lovely to inspire me. she must be the craftiest, most creative gal on the planet. plus she's having a baby in december, just like i am!

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  1. aw you're the sweetest! thanks for the shoutout girl!!

    PS-I hope I look HALF as adorable as you do when I'm pregnant! xoxo

  2. oh of course you would do a great post about this with some great writing! And that's why I nominated you....
    love the facts! Funny, but I can totally see you playing basketball.

  3. Thank you so much meghan!! That was sweet of you and made my day!! And I loved reading your facts-- congrats on the new place too!!