Monday, October 10, 2011

a little visit with our neighbor up north: seattle

Some weekends I want to explore, experience new things. (There’s only so much one can do in Portland, after all.) So on Friday, Jeff and I (and baby!) drove to Seattle with our friends Alexa and Victor for a weekend of spontaneity and adventure. My cousin owns a condo in the city and offered us the building’s guest apartment: a stuffy room on the first floor with one window and a view of the sidewalk. Charming in its own way. The four of us slept there on Friday and Saturday night.

To our surprise, we woke up on Saturday morning to a blue sky and clean, cool air. The sun danced between the clouds. I was relieved to have brought my sunglasses, which I assumed I wouldn’t need in the notoriously rainy and cloudy city. My cousin and her boyfriend—and the rest of the locals, I noticed—seemed impressed with the early-autumn weather.

After breakfast the six of us wandered through Pike Place Market, the guys in their waterproof jackets and I in my rubber Hunter boots, certain that rainfall was imminent. (It wasn’t.) Jeff and I bought magnets for the collection on our fridge—we get them from every city we vacation in—and sugary donut holes for the group. Then we walked to the gum wall and added our chewed gum to the repulsive assortment of sticky, rainbow-colored pieces, which covered an entire brick wall outside a theater. It was nauseating, yet fascinating. We took a ferry to Bainbridge Island and back. We ordered pumpkin spice lattes from the very first Starbucks. We drove to a park with the most picturesque view of any West Coast city I’ve been to. But the best part was my dinner: creamy clam chowder, cod and cooked-to-perfection crab. (Not only delicious but also high-quality brain food for baby!)

Here’s the story again, in photos:

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  1. how fun! My boyfriend and I went to Seattle for our anniversary last weekend. I have some similar shots of Pike's Place market on my blog...although your photos are much more impressive!

  2. Y'all are adorable! It looks SO pretty there!

    And that gum wall...sounds gross but I probably would have been mesmerized for dayyysss! lol

  3. Yay! I'm so glad you had fun in my hometown. It's sort of crazy what you forget about when you live in a place. Thanks for the beautiful reminder :)

  4. Isnt pikes places amazing?! I loved it! The colors, the sounds, the fruit..but not the stinky fish smells, haha. I felt like I could have spent forever there with my camera! And did you get the little donut holes..i cant think of the name, but the ones that come in the brown paper bag and they shake it up? SO GOOD!

  5. first off, you look BEAUTIFUL pregnant. your little tummy looks just perfect. and i guessed you were having a girl before i read the text. (I'm pretty proud of myself)
    And second, congrats on your engagement! what a beautiful ring and how nice it is to see yellow gold! it's classic and beautiful. congrats.

    and Seattle is an amazing city! i remember that gum wall and i love all the pictures you took.
    Just lovely!


  6. Wow I've never been to Seattle but your pictures make it looks absolutely gorgeous!

  7. I love Seattle! I wish I could visit more often. This post makes me long to visit even more! Hope y'all had fun!

  8. Such a lovely blog! Gorgeous photos.

  9. You and your man are the sweetest couple ever, I've just been reading some of your posts, they are so cute. I love your blog. :)